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Product Feature: All Your Search Data in One Place

Break Marketing Silos with Cross-Channel Analytics

Marketing Attribution Defined & The Power of The Algorithm

What is a Performance Marketing Agency?

Customer Acquisition: Comprehensive Guide

Why Placement Targeting Matters: Display Advertising Best Practices

Cross-Channel Measurement Still an Issue: Commentary on eMarketer Survey

What is Customer Acquisition?

Customer Acquisition Costs by Industry: What's a Good CAC?

How To Calculate Customer Acquisition Cost

What is a Customer Acquisition Strategy?

5 Signs it's Time to Break Up with your Legacy Analytics Tool

Performance Marketing 101: Comprehensive Guide

Performance Marketing Tip #1: Combine Cross-Channel Data

8 Performance Marketing Strategies Your Dad Didn't Tell You

Performance Marketing in Display: Uncommon, but Possible

Why a Customer Acquisition Platform is the Most Critical Technology in your Marketing Stack

Improving Landing Page Experience to Decrease Ad Costs

Ad Relevance

Components of Quality Score

What Does a High Quality Score Indicate?

Why do people click on your search ads?

Avoiding Ad Fraud: A Byproduct of Considering Ad Placement

The Importance of DJT in Display Advertising

Your definition of customer experience is half-baked. Here's why:

Custom audiences and the impact of video on display advertising

What is Amazon Advertising?

Save Consumers

Make ads for humans, not impressions

The larger impact of bad ad performance

Why such low click-through rates?

What digital marketers can learn from corporate crises management

Nordstrom's digital strategy: lessons from the Traffic Cloud®

How will GDPR and digital privacy impact online advertising?

How to survive Dreamforce 2018

New age of ad targeting: what I wish I learned in business school

Why DemandJump?

Missing metrics for Growth Marketers: is it time to adopt a customer acquisition platform?

How to attract customers online:  speak their language

How to increase website traffic like REI

From Overstock.com to DemandJump: where did it all begin?

[eBook] What we learned from analyzing 5 billion marketing interactions

What are the best search marketers doing to drive traffic?

These 4 crucial disruptors will shape the future of retail

GDPR readiness - DemandJump

What is DemandJump Traffic Cloud®?

[VIDEO] What real business problems can be solved with AI?

What is AI? Common Myths and Real Explanations

On-demand webinar: double your display and remarketing performance

What is Attribution: A Marketer’s Quick Guide

[VIDEO] Fine Tune Your Marketing Mix by Thinking Like an Investor

[VIDEO] Christopher Day: The Consumer Decision Journey

For CPM Advertising, Think Location, Not Audience

[VIDEO] Display success: what all marketers need to know

[VIDEO] The Importance of Affiliate Marketing

Simplify your world: prescriptive attribution now and into the future

[VIDEO] Our big discovery: visibility of Your digital ecosystem

Why are Current Attribution and Analytics Tools so Limited?

[VIDEO] The Digital Era and It's Transformational Shift

What Does a Prescriptive Attribution Solution Look Like?

Why should prescriptive attribution matter to marketers?

3 important things for marketers to watch in 2018

[CHECKLIST] Prepare Your Website for Last Minute Holiday Traffic

Holiday Influencer Marketing Post BFCM

Black Friday trends we're watching for 2017

[VIDEO] Julie Lyle Dreamforce AppExchange ISV Keynote

2017 NRF Shop.org Startup of the Year Pitch

Companies Are Cutting Digital Spend but Missing this Critical Step

DemandJump CEO talks success, goals and the future of DemandJump

DemandJump showcases new prescriptive attribution tech at Dreamforce

Julie Lyle Defines the "New Reality of Learning" for Business

Despite a searing competitive ecosystem, the meal kit table is still set

Zenni Optical won BTS with this one source

[INTERVIEW] KIDBOX CEO Miki Racine Berardelli Talks BTS 2017

Lingerie wars rage on as Amazon joins the party

A marketer's quick-guide to getting straight A's this back-to-school season

How AI is Changing Marketing as You Knew It

Marketing cloud titans battle for topical relevance

Nominees Announced for 18th Annual TechPoint Mira Awards

Traffic Tips for Outdoor Leisure Retailers that Want to 'Grill' the Competition

Bicycle Retailers Looking to Bounce Back Strong

ProFlowers Proves Pro at Organic Search with Bursting Lead Generation

Plus Fashion is Poised for Explosive Growth. Which Brands are Ready?

Q1 2017 Traffic Report: Diet & Exercise Brands Will Be Sweating It Out

Tom Ricketts' Secret to Building Winning Teams

Critical strategies for new mattress retailers to drive huge revenue

Restoration Hardware Drives Insane Traffic With These 3 Blogs

2016 Holiday Update: Can This Traffic Champ Be Stopped?

The rise of the micro-influencer

12 Traffic-Driving Powerhouses for Online Footwear Retailers

Chief Scientist Tyler Foxworthy selected to TechPoint's Tech 25

DemandJump Relocates to the Heart of 'Tech Circle' [Video]

Keywording Part 3: Bringing It All Together

If You Aren’t Making Data Actionable, You Aren’t Doing It Right

Keywording part 2: easy tips for focusing on what works

DemandJump's Chief Scientist Selected to TechPoint "Tech 25"

DemandJump Is Looking At Content Analytics In A Different Way

Keywording Part 1: Building The Big List

How DemandJump is analyzing content to discover social influencers

Google Analytics tips and tricks conclusion [VIDEO]

Aren't marketing tools supposed to help drive traffic?

How DemandJump is Looking at Qualified Traffic Differently

Google Analytics tips and tricks: part 6 & 7 [VIDEO]

Tyler Foxworthy Talks Upcoming Lectures at SIAM's Annual Conference

Google Analytics Tips and Tricks Part 4 & 5 [Video]

Content Curation At Facebook Has Bigger Problems Than Bias

Google Analytics Tips and Tricks Part 2 & 3 [Video]

It's time to think beyond marketing dashboards...

Successful Growth Marketing: The 5 Keys

Google Analytics Tips and Tricks Part 1 [Video]

Growth Hacking vs. Growth Marketing: A New Way To Approach Revenue

Affiliates Make Up 77% Of Referral Traffic For These Retailers

5 Reasons Why Amazing Content Will Deliver Big for Your Business

Six Fundamental Pillars for Successful Digital Marketers

From Chief Marketing Officer to “Chief Profit Officer”

The Best Marketers Make Decisions With Predictive Technology

Where is the "Easy Button" for Data Science and Algorithms?

We turned a local home-brew supply store into an ecommerce powerhouse

Think Spiderwebs, Not Funnels, When Considering Marketing Analysis

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