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by Christopher Day, on March 21, 2018

DemandJump is doubling marketing performance. We start with next-generation analytics and attribution technology. Then we overlay competitive market intelligence. The result? We show our customers where their audience is three …

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by Tyler Foxworthy, on March 15, 2018

What is the potential of AI? Tyler Foxworthy, Chief Scientist of DemandJump, sifts through the noise and talks about the real value or artificial intelligence now and into the future …

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Topics:Data ScienceMarketing Management

by Tyler Foxworthy, on March 7, 2018

The purpose of this post is to expose executives and marketers to changes in the world of AI and explain why these developments are relevant for a wide variety of …

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Topics:Data ScienceMarketing Management

by Shawn Schwegman, on March 1, 2018

Real results backed by cold hard data. Display and remarketing has finally met it's better half. Tune in to learn how you can double your results without spending any more …

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Topics:Marketing ManagementProgrammatic Advertising

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