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Product Feature: All Your Search Data in One Place

July 18, 2019 Jordan Ehrlich

In DemandJump's Keyword Profile Dashboard, you see all your search data in one place. This dashboard has all your paid and organic performance sitting right next to competitive intel so you see the whole picture all at once. With this kind of bird's-eye view, you'll never miss an opportunity to drive new qualified traffic to your site.

That said, let's walk through what all you can do with this kind of information. When you enter into the dashboard, you can filter your search data by any keyword, timeframe, or metric you'd like to prioritize. 

At the top of the page you see all your paid search data. You can check out all your standard Google & Bing Ads metrics and identify opportunities for improvement.

In that same view, you'll understand how the term is doing organically. With this, you can prioritize your efforts by the ones that will make the biggest impact on both your paid and organic performance (killing two birds with one stone).

Next, you'll scroll down the page to analyze how your competitors are doing for the same keyword. You'll be able to analyze how exactly they're beating you for that term by clicking on the link provided in the dashboard.

And if you're looking for new keyword ideas, go ahead and scroll down just one more time. See what keywords are driving significant traffic to your competitors. Then prioritize your efforts by the keywords posing the greatest potential to drive new traffic to your site. 

All in all, this data was combined within DemandJump's Keyword Profile Dashboard to save you time and energy by never having to flip through disparate dashboards or creating new excel sheets again. With this dashboard, you'll simply filter, look, and act.

Want to see your data in this dashboard? Reach out and let's set up some time together.

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