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DemandJump Blog / Social Media Marketing

by Maddie Clapp, on April 3, 2020

Whether you’re making videos as a social media influencer, a large brand, or someone just wanting to have fun, you’re probably wanting your videos to show up first on Youtube …

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Topics:Consumer InsightsSocial Media Marketing

by Jordan Ehrlich, on November 6, 2019

Each channel wants to take credit for these conversions. Have you ever dug around channel performance reports only to feel like the numbers didn’t add up? You’re not alone. This …

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Topics:Marketing AnalyticsMarketing OperationsMarketing ManagementSocial Media MarketingMarketing Attribution

by Egan Montgomery, on September 7, 2016

“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is, it is what consumers tell each other it is.” - Scott Cook, Co-founder, Intuit The role of influencers …

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Topics:Marketing ManagementSocial Media MarketingSMB

by Brennan Walker, on July 5, 2016

In this week’s video Tyler explains how we’re going about identifying relevant social influencers for content. In a McKinsey study focused on the impact of social influencers they found that …

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Topics:Data ScienceMarketing AnalyticsSocial Media Marketing

by Brennan Walker, on June 14, 2016

About a month ago Gizmodo reported that Facebook was manually curating their trending content. The report cites an anonymous former employee who stated that content curation varied greatly day to …

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Topics:Marketing ManagementSocial Media Marketing

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