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After reading to see if you have the right stuff, please apply below. Attach your resume and send us a 60 second pitch video why you are the right person for this job! We are marketers, not HR people, so feel free to let a bit of your personality come through.

Picture This...

It’s a busy day in Software sales and you’re in the middle of identifying the perfect buying personas in a fast-growing B2B SasS company, which is just one of the several hundred target accounts you and your Account Executive counterparts are targeting this quarter.

You find it easy to focus thanks to the ability to show your next group of target customers exactly where they have gaps and how they can fill them. You seamlessly glide from LinkedIn Sales Navigator to ZoomInfo to Salesforce to learn more about the ICP decision makers you are connecting with. And once you do, you are going to blow their mind with information that they have never seen before. This expert point of view will allow you to build awesome relationships with marketing and business leaders over the coming days and weeks.

This is not your average Business Development Representative (BDR) job opportunity. Keep reading to find out why.

A Day in The Life of Today’s Marketer...

Every company wants to improve their marketing performance, but are all faced with the same challenges over and over again. What we put into the marketing engine is a whole lot of time, team effort, and budget, with the goal of generating the right leads who will convert to customers. It all sounds great, but how do you eliminate the guesswork and just know the best actions to take next?

If you can’t see how your target market is actually behaving when they are going through their decision making process, you are left guessing. DemandJump eliminates these blind spots by aligning how you market and sell to how your customer decides and buys.

DemandJump Culture

This is where we get to boast a little about why we’re awesome. Located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, DemandJump is a fast-growing, innovative marketing technology company with a corporate culture that values individuality and diversity.

We work hard and play hard and we do both with passion and respect for one another. Our open concept office promotes a fast-paced, fun, friendly, and highly collaborative work environment, while our management goes out of their way to be transparent and approachable. Weekly team lunches, DemandFUN events, and group volunteer opportunities – these are just a handful of the reasons why DemandJump is consistently nominated and awarded one of the Best Places to Work in Indiana.

What We Stand For
Be Bold
Be Transparent
Be Purposeful

Core Tenets
Think Customer First
Serve Each other
Compete To Win
See Things Differently
Do the Right Thing. Always

This role requires a self starter and an eagerness to work in a fast-paced scale up with significant accountability. You will be on the front lines of growing DemandJump’s share of the market. You are an expert at qualifying, consulting, connecting, and scheduling introductory calls/demos. Excellent time management skills and the ability to effectively manage multiple priorities at the same time are essential for this role. If you are motivated,results-driven, and enjoy working in a team environment, we’d like to meet you.

What is a typical day at DemandJump like for a Business Development Representative (BDR), a.k.a. Responsibilities?

  • Use multiple prospecting strategies and channels, including account research, cold calls, email, LinkedIn, and video, to lead initial outreach to prospects 
  • Masterfully navigate between software tools critical to your daily prospecting success, including LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Chorus, ZoomInfo/DiscoverOrg, SalesLoft, and Salesforce
  • Mastering the DemandJump Platform to show soon-to-be new customers information and capabilities they have never seen before
  • Identifying and empathizing with the needs and challenges of the prospective customer
  • Exercise a deep understanding of our Customer Behavior and Marketing Attribution solutions in order to communicate key value props to prospects
  • Qualify the prospect's interest in solving problems that the DemandJump Platform addresses
  • Schedule an average of 5+
  •  introductory meetings/demos per week
  • Collaborate with leadership – Sales, Marketing, Product, and Customer Success – to translate market feedback into our go-to-market approach and product roadmap
  • Be proactive in communicating cross-functionally with the whole company, especially with our Product and Customer Success team

What does DemandJump look for when hiring Business Development Representatives?

“We hope new team members will join the DemandJump family with fresh ideas and a willingness to Be Transparent, Be Bold, and Be Purposeful. At the end of the day, this is NOT just another sales job. We’re humans selling to humans and we care deeply about WHY prospects and customers want to partner with DemandJump, which requires every team member to build authentic human connections with their colleagues, prospects, and customers.” — TJ Witham, SAE

We look for people who are willing and hungry to learn all about DemandJump and most importantly understand WHY a prospect/customer would want to work with us. Are you able to anticipate the client’s needs and prescribe clear next steps? Do you want to collaborate with your peers but also lead your own book of business?

Why is working for this leadership team a great career experience?

DemandJump CEO, Christopher Day, has served as Entrepreneur, Co-Founder, and CEO in numerous technology startups, leading to acquisitions by Fortune 100 companies including Comcast, Time Warner, and Motorola. Christopher was also the co-founder and Managing Principal of Navidar Group, an investment banking firm focused on M&A for tech companies. These experiences over the past 20 years, with the growth of the internet, mobile and big data, were the catalyst for Christopher’s interest in helping to solve the problem of companies wasting incredible amounts of money trying to figure out how to effectively deploy marketing spend to drive revenue.

DemandJump CSO, Shawn Schwegman, is a professional Entrepreneur, heavily involved with more than a dozen startup companies over the last two decades, both advising and working in pivotal roles running sales, marketing, technology, strategy, and operations for companies in early and high-growth stages. He was instrumental in driving revenue from $3M to over $800M in 5 years, providing executive oversight in multiple business areas including marketing, technology, customer service, logistics, and operations. He was also a key player at ChaCha, responsible for growing the customer base from 12M monthly visits to over 80M monthly visits in less than 3 years, catapulting ChaCha to a Top 50 US website and Top 5 US mobile website.

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