Content Writer

Full-Time Salaried Position

What Does DemandJump Solve?

DemandJump is a marketing strategy platform showing users the exact content to create to increase first page rankings and drive outcomes.

Every company wants to improve its marketing performance, but all face the same challenges repeatedly. What we put into the marketing engine is a whole lot of time, team effort, and budget, to generate the right leads who will convert to customers. It all sounds great, but how do you eliminate the guesswork and just know the best actions to take next?

If you can’t see how your target market behaves when they are going through their decision-making process, you are left guessing. DemandJump is a marketing strategy platform that tells you precisely what content to create to increase 1st-page rankings and drive outcomes. And we’re doing it by creating a content category and SEO solution called Pillar-Based Marketing. 

DemandJump Culture

Located in Indianapolis, DemandJump is a fast-growing, innovative marketing technology company with a corporate culture that values individuality and diversity.

We work hard and play hard and we do both with passion and respect for one another. Our open-concept office and remote work flexibility promote a fast-paced, fun, friendly, and highly collaborative work environment, while our management goes out of their way to be transparent and approachable. We’re proud that DemandJump is consistently nominated and awarded one of the Best Places to Work in Indiana.

What We Stand For

Be Bold
Be Transparent
Be Purposeful

Core Tenets

Think Customer First
Serve Each other
Compete To Win
See Things Differently
Do the Right Thing. Always

Job Description

DemandJump is looking for a passionate creative writer with a mind for storytelling and for SEO to join our team as a Content Writer. This is a full-time, salaried position with medical benefits.

For this position, we need someone who is in touch with both sides of their brain. The work of a Content Writer is equal parts right-brained creativity and left-brained organization. When a Content Writer is imagining the perspectives of target readership, when they’re considering how to artfully educate and inspire through blog posts and case studies, their right side runs free. When they switch gears and consider how all of that creative energy might help our clients reach their goals, when they’re segmenting audiences for content promotion or sifting through data to learn what works best, that left side takes over. The magic happens when those two parts come together to form one whole, and our talented Content Writers help clients put the written word to work to inspire their target audiences to think and feel and value exactly what those clients intend.

If you’re a skilled writer but you aren’t willing to learn something new and technical, please don’t apply. On the same token, we’re not looking for someone with lots of marketing savvy but minimal skill in writing. Above all else, we’re looking for a new member of a small but growing team, someone who is ready to put in the hard work and grow their own abilities while helping to grow a company that’s dedicated to providing creative writers with new opportunities in a work environment that respects initiative and demands responsibility.

Can you write? Can you learn? Do you have experience in digital marketing or the SaaS industry? Are you looking for a career with a company where you can grow for years to come? Can you give your best, see projects through? And when the work is done, can you hang? If the answer to all of these questions is yes, you might be the one we’re looking for.


  • Using the DemandJump platform for SEO and customer search behavior research
  • Writing content
  • Researching to gain data and collateral for content
  • Reading and giving feedback in a weekly cadence to other content team writers
  • Weekly team meetings
  • Editing customer content for both style and voice
  • Reviewing customer feedback with a listening ear, while also having the confidence to defend your work and how it meets best practices 


  • A college degree (bachelor’s or above) from an accredited institution in English, creative writing, or a similar equivalent.
  • A minimum of 2-3 years’ professional experience is required. For this position, we’ll be placing a special focus on applicants who possess professional experience in any of the following:
    • Digital Marketing
    • Email Marketing
    • SEO Content Creation
    • SaaS

Culture & Work Environment

  • In conjunction with the degree, we're really looking for someone with an interest in creative writing.
    Applicants must display a visible interest in literature and creative writing in addition to their educational background.
  • DemandJump has an open work environment, and job performance is judged based on an employee's ability to meet deadlines and actively participate in collaborative creative work. Applicants should be highly motivated, organized, responsible, and possess a strong attention to detail.
  • While DemandJump has a headquarters and office in downtown Indianapolis, we also offer a remote model. Applicants will be expected to self-motivate and work from home but remain connected with the team via Google Chat, Zoom, and all of the other wonderful communications technologies we’ve all grown accustomed to since COVID entered our vocabulary.


This position is a salaried, full-time position. In addition to the salary, which may in part be based on applicant experience, DemandJump also offers medical benefits and a 401(k) plan. Starting salary in the $50,000 range.

To Apply

Please click the button below to apply for this position. On your application, provide the following:

  • Cover letter detailing your personal and professional accomplishments in the realm of writing and digital marketing. Make it fun. Take risks.
  • One previously written, published blog post
  • At least one complete, polished creative piece (poetry, fiction, or creative nonfiction)
  • A complete resume demonstrating at least 2 years of applicable experience in a marketing-related position


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