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Machine Learning Engineer

Apply right now for our open Machine Learning Engineer position! Scroll down to learn more and submit. 


  • 3+ years of building machine-learning applications for production platforms
  • 3+ years of building enterprise level software systems
  • Demonstrated ability to extract value from data
  • Clear understanding of the fundamentals of computer science and programming
  • Demonstrated knowledge of multiple machine learning libraries
  • Proficient with Python, Java, or Scala

Extra Consideration for Experience with:

  • Hadoop
  • Spark
  • AWS
  • GCP BigQuery
  • Digital Marketing


  • Work with the Product and Customer Success teams to understand the problems that our customers need to have solved
  • Work with Software Engineers to produce production-ready machine learning applications that are maintainable and scalable
  • Work closely with the Data Team to understand the available data with the purpose of solving specific and well-defined problems.
  • Be able to clearly explain the status and progress of machine learning projects
  • Love the customer, not the model or algorithm

DemandJump's View on Data Science

The terms “Data Science” or “Data Scientist” have become ambiguous such that they now obfuscate the true definitions and differentiating skill sets that are required for the litany of job titles that happen to fall under said terms. DemandJump believes that Machine Learning Engineers, by trade, should be Software Engineers first. Second, a successful DemandJump Machine Learning Engineer needs to be able to communicate with non-technical peers in order to clearly understand the problem domain, and explain potential paths to resolution. The DemandJump Machine Learning Engineer is unlike the DemandJump Data Scientist because he or she doesn’t explore data to attempt to find value, he or she uses models, algorithms, machines and systems to analyze data with the purpose of solving a customer’s problem.

About DemandJump

DemandJump builds a SaaS customer acquisition platform called Traffic Cloud®. We are a transformational marketing technology that challenges the status quo in digital marketing. We get really excited about delivering triple-digit increases in digital marketing.

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