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Artificial intelligence - beyond the hype



What is artificial intelligence, really? Why does it matter and how is it going to reinvent the way we think about business and commerce? Tyler Foxworthy, Chief Scientist at DemandJump, gives his no-nonsense take on our world with AI. 

Are you sick of the buzzwords and jargon surrounding "AI". So are we. AI has been beaten around and watered down - diminished in some circles to nothing more than smoke and mirrors. 

But the reality is, there are many companies, spanning across industries and job functions, that are doing incredible things with artificial intelligence and machine learning. We enlisted the help of DemandJump's Chief Scientist, Tyler Foxworthy, to host a no-nonsense discussion about a world that is exploding with (real) AI solutions. 

Main topics covered in this discussion: 

- What is artificial intelligence? 
- What business problems can artificial intelligence help us solve? 
- What does an AI world look like now, and into the future? 

We'll see you there!

Watch the on-demand webinar