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Unified Analytics for a

Cross-Channel World

DemandJump consolidates all your cross-channel digital marketing & eCommerce data into one place.
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Pulls all data in one central location. No need to login to multiple platforms to get the data you need.

G2Crowd High Performer

See the Path to Purchase Holistically

Stop flipping through disparate platforms to understand how site visitors buy. Unify all cross-channel marketing and eCommerce data to make sense of what's working. 

Overview Dashboard

Understand Cross-Channel Impact

Do you know how your Facebook or Email campaigns affect Google search behavior? Drill into conversion paths to understand consumer behavior.

Channel Paths

Attribution That Tells the Full Story

DemandJump's algorithmic attribution goes beyond rule-based modeling to assign credit where its due. Understand the true value of marketing with attribution that learns from your campaigns across all channels.

Algorithmic Attribution

Access All Your Data

See what channels, websites, or search-terms bring visitors to your site each time they arrive. See the customer journey more clearly than ever before.

Search Query nGram Analysis
184% increase in CTR from display advertising (Skyzone)
106% increase in revenue from paid search (eluxury)
195% Increase in revenue year over year (camp chef)

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