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Overlay your data with competitive data to inform precise targeting

We analyze competitive data to find the most powerful new and existing traffic opportunities and inform precise targeting across digital channels.

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DemandJump's Traffic Cloud® identifies the most powerful search terms in our competitive ecosystem which is dramatically increasing our month over month revenue by more than 260%.
Mark O’Marketing - VP Sales & Marketing, Xappp

Devon Ellis
Web Sales & Strategy, Camp Chef

Take market share away from your competitors

See the most powerful sites, sources, influencers and keywords prioritized to drive qualified traffic.


Understand the dynamic customer journey

Understand the customer journey before they even get to your site or more importantly your competitors.  Then position your message along that path to capture your customer without wasting spend. 


Anticipate trends & changes over time 

Monitor the flow of traffic through your competitive digital ecosystem over time. Traffic Cloud® predicts the keywords, websites, blogs and influencers that matter today, tomorrow, next quarter, or during your most important season.


Eliminate waste & increase revenue with precise targeting.   

By overlaying your data with competitive intelligence, DemandJump identifies where you are spending too much or too little across digital. 


A few examples of data-driven customers that are doubling marketing performance 


Learn more about how DemandJump doubles marketing performance

On average, our customers experience a 229% return on investment from DemandJump across digital channels.

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