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Digital Marketing From The

Higher Ground

DemandJump analyzes your competitive ecosystem to show the bigger picture. Uncover hidden opportunities to reach new customers across all channels.
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The content search/filter dashboard is priceless. It's perfect for us to develop our social and blog content without having to scour the internet for ideas.


G2Crowd High Performer

Your Marketing Barometer

See how your channel performance compares to any one competitor or competitive set. 

Market Analysis

See What's Working, For Anyone

Uncertain what channel or traffic source will help your business most? See what's working for those in your industry & steal the tactics that work. 


Align Marketing To Consumer Behavior

Want to know how your target audience researches & buys across all channels? DemandJump makes sense of this behavior for you, then prioritizes your opportunities for you.


Never Run Out of Content

Our platform's analysis of your competitive ecosystem identifies high performing content from your competitors, then bubbles up where you should focus your time.

184% increase in CTR from display advertising (Skyzone)
106% increase in revenue from paid search (eluxury)
195% Increase in revenue year over year (camp chef)

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