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Your Digital Marketing Playbook

DemandJump offers prioritized recommendations to optimize your digital marketing spend. 
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DemandJump shows business intelligence around customers & competitors, and shares how we can manage our in-house capabilities.

G2Crowd High Performer

How Do I Optimize X, Y, Z Campaign?

DemandJump's platform picks up what's working (and what's not) in your cross-channel campaigns, then spells out the tactics to stay ahead of those darn D2C startups & new-market entrants.

Optimize Digital Marketing

How Do I Compete With (or On) Amazon?

DemandJump's platform identifies search & traffic trends that could be working against you - and helps you win back the customers you've worked so hard to attract.

Optimize Digital Marketing Platform

Ditch The Full-Funnel Struggle

Unified data means you'll see your customer journey holistically. DemandJump identifies gaps in your execution and shares tactics to close the deal.

Digital Marketing Funnel

It's That Easy?

Yep. Find all the answers in DemandJump's platform -  your friend that consumes petabytes of cross-channel data (so you don't have to).

Paul eLuxuryAsset 71
184% increase in CTR from display advertising (Skyzone)
106% increase in revenue from paid search (eluxury)
195% Increase in revenue year over year (camp chef)

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