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Your Digital Marketing Playbook

DemandJump's Traffic Cloud® offers prioritized recommendations to optimize your digital marketing spend. Simplify digital marketing with Traffic Cloud®.
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Traffic Cloud® shows business intelligence around customers & competitors, and shares how we can manage our in-house capabilities.

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How Do I Optimize X, Y, Z Campaign?

Traffic Cloud® understands what's working (and what's not) in your cross-channel campaigns, then spells out the tactics to stay ahead of those darn D2C startups & new-market entrants.

Optimize Digital Marketing

How Do I Compete With (or On) Amazon?

Traffic Cloud® identifies search & traffic trends that could be working against you - and helps you win back the customers you've worked so hard to attract.

Optimize Digital Marketing Platform

Ditch The Full-Funnel Struggle

Unified data means you'll see your customer journey holistically. Traffic Cloud® identifies gaps in your execution and shares tactics to close the deal.

Digital Marketing Funnel

It's That Easy?

Yep. Find all the answers in Traffic Cloud® -  your friend that consumes petabytes of cross-channel data (so you don't have to).

Help with Digital Marketing Strategy
184% increase in CTR from display advertising (Skyzone)
106% increase in revenue from paid search (eluxury)
195% Increase in revenue year over year (camp chef)

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