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DemandJump Announces Definitive Agreement to Acquire Metonymy Media

Creates the Most Complete SEO Platform to Power First Page Rankings for Customers

INDIANAPOLIS, Dec. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- DemandJump, the leading Marketing Strategy Platform that powers first page rankings and better digital outcomes, announced today the acquisition of Metonymy Media. The acquisition will accelerate DemandJump's development of a Center of Excellence for content that powers more first-page rankings, qualified traffic, leads, closed-won customers, and decreased cost per lead for companies across the globe.

Metonymy Media is a leading content agency that has mastered the art of marrying storytelling with science to drive measurable search engine optimization (SEO) results through an existing partnership with DemandJump. The firm's team of creative writers joins forces with DemandJump's Marketing Strategy Platform to deliver unprecedented first-page ranking results to both B2B and B2C companies and agencies. The companies plan to productize their already unprecedented results to help power the growth of agency partners and customers.

"Our team has used every SEO tool out there over the last 10 years. We have constantly searched for a single platform to do the work of the suite of SEO resources we previously required to understand audience behavior and power our organic content work," said Ryan Brock, Chief Executive Officer of Metonymy Media and now Chief Content Strategist at DemandJump. "No other tool has come close to the measurable impact of the DemandJump platform when it comes to helping our clients climb search results for their mission-critical keywords. We have already executed thousands of pieces of content using the DemandJump SEO tool and have yet to see results that are anything short of industry-leading."

Christopher Day, Chief Executive Officer of DemandJump, said, "Organic alignment to your customer's journey has emerged as the most critical component of any go-to-market strategy. It impacts everything downstream. Our customers are experiencing exponential increases in first page rankings, 10x qualified traffic growth, 4x increase in sales leads, and increased customer acquisition, all while decreasing their cost per click by 3x. Acquiring Metonymy will help us accelerate our Center of Excellence and empower an even broader field of content marketers and agencies to replicate our success."

About DemandJump Inc.

DemandJump is the leading Marketing Strategy Platform that guides content marketers with actionable insights and transparent metrics that inform content strategy to significantly increase first-page search rankings. Combined with powerful marketing attribution tools, these content insights empower marketers to articulate their impact on closed/won revenue and focus only on content that drives growth with the right keywords, content topics, and content structures for any audience.

Drew Detzler
VP of Marketing