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A few examples of data-driven customers that are doubling marketing performance 


Customer Results

See how Camp Chef increased month-over-month revenue by more than 260%

Dynamic Customer Journey Explainer

Check out this video to see how DemandJump's Traffic Cloud® triples ROAS by surfacing the Dynamic Customer Journey.

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The Problem with Digital Ads (Webinar)

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October 2nd (2-2:30pm EST)

Data-driven businesses that use machine learning to serve more relevant experiences for their customers are better positioned to take share away from their competitors.

Source: Think With Google

Mark O’Marketing - VP Sales & Marketing, Xappp

Elizabeth Spaulding
Partner, Bain

Learn more about how DemandJump doubles marketing performance

On average, our customers experience a 229% return on investment from DemandJump across digital channels.

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How we do it.

Traffic Cloud® analyzes billions of marketing touchpoints to identify the dynamic customer journey.

Step 1:

We start with your data.


Step 2:

We overlay competitive intelligence from dozens of sources.

Step 3:

Our AI makes sense of this data to show you the dynamic customer journey.

Step 4:

To enable precise targeting and doubled marketing performance.

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