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Learn from thought leaders in marketing, leadership and data science.

Recorded Webinars

Shawn Schwegman

How AI & Machine Learning Will Impact Sales & Marketing

hosted by Stephen Messer & Shawn Schwegman

Co-Founder & Vice Chairman, Collective[i]
Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, DemandJump

Join us to hear Stephen Messer and Shawn Schwegman discuss the impacts of AI on marketers across the globe.

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Maximize revenue from your display advertising

hosted by Shawn Schwegman Susan Marshall

Co-Founder & CSO, DemandJump

Co-Founder & CEO, Torchlite

From creating data-driven cultures to building creativity-optimized teams, the two share stories and tips helping advertisers navigate the future of display advertising. 

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Torchlite Webianr.png

Use Cluster Analysis to Win Google Search

hosted by Brennan Walker

Strategic Marketing Advisor

Brennan Walker discuss the benefits of cluster analysis. Here, Brennan talks through the difficulty marketers face when trying to understand search behavior. He notes that identifying what words to place in your google AdWords campaigns is the key to high google search performance.

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Paid Search Guide to Double Customer Acquisition with Google

hosted by Brennan Walker

Strategic Marketing Advisor

In this webinar, Brennan Walker shares his expertise on how to leverage paid search as a profitable customer acquisition channel. Discover how to invigorate your existing paid search strategy, reduce wasted spend on paid search, and achieve a better return on your digital marketing investments.

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Double your display and remarketing performance

hosted by Shawn Schwegman

DemandJump Co-Founder and CSO

When it comes to display and remarketing, marketers have always focused on audience targeting — or what we at DemandJump refer to as "The Who". However, when it comes to display, marketers seem to always forget about digital location — "The Where". 

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April 2018 New Feature Release Webinar

hosted by Spencer Abrams

Senior Product Manager

We’ve recently added a number of new features, including Attribution, Channel Builder, and Prospect Finder. Learn more about how these awesome new features can help you double marketing performance with the Traffic Cloud® customer acquisition platform

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Artificial Intelligence: Go Beyond the Hype

hosted by Tyler Foxworthy

Chief Scientist

What is artificial intelligence, really? Why does it matter and how is it reinventing the way we think about business and commerce. Tyler Foxworthy, Chief Scientist at DemandJump, gives his no-nonsense take on our world with AI.

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