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[VIDEO] What Real Business Problems Can Be Solved with AI?

What is the potential of AI? Tyler Foxworthy, Chief Scientist of DemandJump, sifts through the noise and talks about the...

Tyler Foxworthy
By Tyler Foxworthy
on March 15, 2018
What is AI? Common Myths and Real Explanations

The purpose of this post is to expose executives and marketers to changes in the world of AI and explain why these...

Tyler Foxworthy
By Tyler Foxworthy
on March 7, 2018
On-Demand Webinar: Double Your Display And Remarketing Performance

Real results backed by cold hard data. Display and remarketing has finally met it's better half. Tune in to learn how you...

Shawn Schwegman
By Shawn Schwegman
on March 1, 2018
What is Attribution: A Marketer’s Quick Guide

One of the toughest aspects of any marketers job is understanding the impact their marketing spend is having on revenue.

Dan Mochel
By Dan Mochel
on February 28, 2018
[VIDEO] Fine Tune Your Marketing Mix by Thinking Like an Investor

Tyler Foxworthy, Chief Scientist at DemandJump, discusses the similarities of marketing and investing. 

Tyler Foxworthy
By Tyler Foxworthy
on February 27, 2018
[VIDEO] Christopher Day: The Consumer Decision Journey

Christopher Day, CEO at DemandJump, responds to a McKinsey article written about the consumer decision journey. 

Christopher Day
By Christopher Day
on February 20, 2018

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