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DemandJump Blog

by Patricia Poland, on December 3, 2019

Before the Internet and the World Wide Web, sending mail involved paper and envelopes, taking a photo required film, and shopping meant going to a store or buying through a …

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Topics:Digital Transformation

by Jordan Ehrlich, on November 23, 2019

The above presentation was recorded at the Digital Transformation Conference held in Boston, MA in October 2019. There, Shawn Schwegman and Nicholas Wojdyla discussed how Cummins' used DemandJump's consumer behavior …

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by Jordan Ehrlich, on November 6, 2019

Each channel wants to take credit for these conversions. Have you ever dug around channel performance reports only to feel like the numbers didn’t add up? You’re not alone. This …

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by Natalie Davis, on November 5, 2019

Right now marketers have more data and tools than they know what to do with, but they still aren’t getting the information they need to reach their target customer at …

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by Jordan Ehrlich, on July 18, 2019

In DemandJump's Keyword Profile Dashboard, you see all your search data in one place. This dashboard has all your paid and organic performance sitting right next to competitive intel so …

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Topics:Paid Search

by Jordan Ehrlich, on June 20, 2019

Marketing Attribution Defined Marketing attribution refers to the science of assigning credit to the marketing touch points that influenced a conversion. Marketers use attribution as a tool to quantify the …

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by Jordan Ehrlich, on June 3, 2019

Performance marketing refers to online marketing and advertising programs in which advertising partners are paid when a specific action is completed, like a sale, lead or click (where marketers pay …

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by Jordan Ehrlich, on May 10, 2019

What is customer acquisition? Customer acquisition refers to bringing in new customers - or convincing people to buy your products. It is a process used to bring consumers down the …

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by Jordan Ehrlich, on May 3, 2019

Programmatic display advertising refers to the automated buying and selling of online advertisements, where advertisers define budgeting and targeting parameters, then leave it to the adtech supply chain to automatically …

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Topics:Display Advertising

DemandJump Blog

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