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Insights for Content

In less than 15 minutes, Insights for Content provides a rich content-marketing strategy template for any topic, article or product.

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Content Strategy

Enter any topic you want to write about and get recommendations on specific content or blog articles to write, providing rich content templates for each recommendation.

SEO Keyword Research

Instantly get a rich content outline that does the SEO and keyword research for you, giving you back hours of research time.


Write Better Content

We automated the content strategy and keyword research for you so you can spend your time writing better content.

Know What to Write

Eliminate countless hours of painful keyword and SEO research with a single click - for anything you choose to write about.


Instant Content Brief

With automated SEO and keyword research, you can spend less time researching and more time perfecting your content.


Make Content King Again

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Awesome Features for Content Writers

Content Strategy

Automate the hardest parts of your content strategy in a few simple clicks.

Content Discovery

Know what content to write about for any topic, category or product.

Write Better Content

Spend more time writing and editing your content instead of researching keywords and SEO.

SEO Insights

AI-powered SEO insights are baked into content and keyword recommendations for you.

Automatic Keyword Research

Instantly see the most important and relevant keywords and questions for any article you write.

Identify Content Gaps

See how you rank for your existing content and quickly identify your gaps for any topic, category, or product.

Save Wasted Time

We've automated the painful parts of keyword and SEO research so you can spend more time writing better content.

Instant Content Outlines

Get an SEO-optimized content outline, packed with the right keywords and headings to help you rank better for your content.

Easy, Simple, Fast

Its simple to get started, so what are you waiting for?  ;)


“Cummins is very focused on digital transformation and, by leveraging DemandJump’s consumer behavior mapping, we have enhanced our capabilities to understand and engage our customers. We’ve significantly grown our customer traffic and engagement from organic search each year since implementing DemandJump to guide our online content strategy.”

- Nick Wojdyla, Cummins Inc.

“Our team of creative writers is now able to save 50% of our content-strategy research time leveraging DemandJump’s content outline templates and consumer-behavior mapping. More than that, though, we know the time we spend researching our audiences with DemandJump is time better spent. We're more confident than ever that we're truly connecting with our audiences and delivering content they want—and that means great things for us and our clients.”

Ryan Brock, CEO
Metonymy Media

“As a startup, it was critical for us to be found by our target market immediately. In just a few short weeks, we started ranking on the first page of search results and, in many instances, #1 for critical topics. We haven’t even started paid media efforts and are already converting traffic into revenue, free of ad spend.”

Cole Keesling, Founder, Carsnoop.com

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