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per month
Talk To Sales
  • 3 Monthly Consumer Insight Analyses
  • 5 Competitors
  • 50 Keywords
  • Google Ads Integration


per month
Talk To Sales
  • 5 Monthly Consumer Insight Analyses
  • 8 Competitors
  • 500 Keywords
  • 3 Integrations
  • Cross-Channel Analytics
  • Marketing Attribution


Talk to Sales
Talk To Sales
  • 10+ Monthly Consumer Insight Analyses
  • 10+ Competitors
  • 1,000+ Keywords
  • 5+ Integrations
  • Cross-Channel Analytics
  • Monthly Auto-Refresh Consumer Insights
  • Marketing Attribution
  • Weather-Enriched Analytics
DemandJump Platform Essentials
      Users Included 1 2 5 10+
      Email & Chat Support
      Dedicated Advisor      
Consumer Insights
      Monthly Custom Insight Analyses 1 3 5 10+
     Top Related Questions
     Top Related Searches
     Top Related Videos
     Top Organic Websites
     Top Advertisers
     Monthly Insight Updates      
Market Intelligence
     Number of Competitors 3 5 8 10+
     Number of Keywords 25 50 500 1,000+
     Traffic Share Analysis
     Competitive Traffic Trends
     Keyword Analysis
     Competitive Content    
Cross-Channel Analytics
     Number of Integrations   1 3 5+
     Prebuilt Dashboards for Connnected Integrations  
     Business Intelligence  
     Interactive Visual Drill Downs  
     Automated Email Delivery  
     Google Ads Integration  
     Custom Dashboards     1 Custom
     Available Integrations    
          Search (e.g., Bing, Google Search Console, MOZ & More)    
          Social (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & More)    
          Commerce (e.g., Shopify, Amazon Advertising & More)    
          Email (e.g., Klaviyo, MailChimp & More)    
          CRM (e.g., Salesforce, Hubspot & More)    
          Custom Integrations        + $
Channel Optimization
     SEO Analysis      
     Budget Planning      
Marketing Attribution
     Advanced Analytics      
     Path to Purchase Analysis      
     Online and Offline Touchpoints      
     Custom Channel Grouping      
     Custom Conversion Tracking      
     Single-Touch Attribution      
     Multi-Touch Attribution      
     Algorithmic Attribution      
     Attribution Model Comparison      

Frequently Asked Questions

DemandJump has become a crucial extension of our marketing team providing game-changing insights to fuel and propel all aspects of our digital efforts. The DemandJump Platform is a must have, we are seriously impressed.

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Tim Lavinder, Director of eCommerce

By working DemandJump into our daily workflow and utilizing their robust data, we have seen a 149% ROI in the first 6 months of doing business with them. We have also seen a considerable lift in our sales pipeline.

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Krystal Elliott, Director of Marketing

We used to spend hours looking for insights in dozens of tools and reports. Now we log into one place to figure out what our customers are doing, and how to meet them where it matters most.

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Zach Roop, Digital Marketing Manager