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Pricing Tailored to Your Needs

Our mission is to create dramatic results that far surpass your investment in us. 
To do so, we align our pricing to your go-to-market strategy.

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How Is Pricing Calculated?

Your Site Traffic

Your investment in DemandJump depends largely on how much traffic you drive to your website. More traffic = a higher cost to us, and therefore we adjust our pricing accordingly.

Number of Integrations

DemandJump integrates data from multiple sources so you can see one version of the truth. Our pricing scales depending on how many data sources you want to connect.

Size of Ecosystem

Larger companies tend to have more competition and larger competitive ecosystems to analyze. Our price scales with the size of the ecosystem Traffic Cloud® needs to make sense of.

Is DemandJump A Good Fit For My Company?

DemandJump customers include Fortune 500s, high growth D2Cs, and smaller eCommerce companies. Our pricing is built to align to your needs and growth. 

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A Partner Built Around You

Our number one objective is that you get value from our platform. You can mix and match various add-on services to solve even more complex problems, including:

  • Digital Marketing Services
  • Additional Data Integrations
  • Expanded Competitive Ecosystem

These investments can be added at any time during our relationship.

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DemandJump Rated #1 Customer Acquisition Platform On G2

We're proud of our breakthrough technology that is dramatically increases results for our customers.


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