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DJ Team

Recent Posts by DJ Team:

by DJ Team, on February 18, 2020

The term consumer insight refers to information about a specific segment of individuals that informs a company’s marketing strategy. Consumer insights are typically derived by analyzing data to see consumers …

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Topics:Consumer Insights

by DJ Team, on February 18, 2020

Marketing analytics tools are software platforms that help marketers understand the health of their marketing campaigns. They may track a variety of key metrics including website traffic, page views, click …

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Topics:Marketing AnalyticsMarketing Operations

by DJ Team, on January 24, 2020

Long-term sales stability is not just about having a great product. It's about meeting consumers' needs, understanding what makes them tick, and speaking to them in the ways that make …

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Topics:Consumer InsightsMarketing Management

by DJ Team, on December 3, 2019

Before the Internet and the World Wide Web, sending mail involved paper and envelopes, taking a photo required film, and shopping meant going to a store or buying through a …

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Topics:Digital TransformationMarketing ManagementEnterprise

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