10 Examples of Content Writing: And When To Use Each

December 11, 2020 DJ Team

Examples of  Content Writing and When to use each In the world of content marketing, video and image-based content continues to rise in popularity—but nothing has dethroned written content as the foundation of any brand’s digital marketing strategy. There are many different types of written content, from the standard blog to social posts and much more. What is content writing in simple words? It is the process of creating digital content and allows you to show your customers what your business is, what it specializes in, and how you can help them with their needs. Let’s take a look at 10 examples of content writing to inspire you and help you round out your content writing efforts.

Content Writing Example #1: Blog Posts

There’s a reason that blogging is the most common type of content writing, and that is because blogs have a wide range of business benefits. From helping with SEO and getting your website to the top of the rankings to elevating your business as an expert in your field, blogs are still an important type of content to focus on. These are a bit more informal than other types of content but should provide good information to your potential customers.

Not sure what to write about? Turn to your team for help—brainstorming topics for content writing with your team will help you discover blog topics you may not have thought about. No matter how you come up with your blog post ideas, the important thing is to have a blog and use it.

Content Writing Example #2: Social media posts

Creating social media posts is a great way to hone your content writing skills. Since posts are typically very short, snappy, and quick, you can easily try out different styles of writing and see what people respond to. It’s easy to change direction and adapt if you need to tweak your writing style since social media posts are typically fluid and changeable by nature. You can also practice A/B testing with your social media ads—try writing two different posts and sending it to similar demographics and see which one performs better.

Before you write social media posts, make sure to check character limits as well as the demographics of customers who use each platform. This will help you word the post for each platform in a way that will attract the most potential customers. 

Content Writing Example #3: Website content

Your website is a huge piece of content writing that is often overlooked as content. From writing each page to creating Frequently Asked Questions or a resource center for customers, your website is often the first point of contact for potential customers. Keep in mind that content writing for your website needs to meet customers who are at all different places in their journey to purchasing, so you should have content that engages customers at all levels. 

Content Writing Example #4: Newsletters/emails

One thing that sets newsletters and customer emails apart from other types of content writing is the fact that typically your audience for these pieces of content are people who are already customers and familiar or loyal to your brand. Offering unique content that they cannot get other places can help keep their interest and make them pay attention to your emails. 

Content Writing Example #5: Infographics

While you may not think of an infographic as a piece of content writing, the truth is that infographics are a combination of visual and written. Think about different statistics. Or interesting facts about your company or products, and use those to create infographics to distribute to your social media channels. For a simpler infographics, you can try creating. a comparison sheet. A simple chart that compares your products to others can help educate your customers and make the case for your product.  

Content Writing Example #6: Ebooks 

Creating ebooks for your customers is a great way to offer in-depth explorations of your products and services. This is a great educational tool and can help you to convince potential customers to convert to actual customers. Content writing for these pieces can be more technical, but make sure that you keep the jargon and specialized vocabulary to a minimum or explain it so that you bring your audience along with you. 

Content Writing Example #7: White papers

White papers are similar to ebooks in that they are longer pieces that are meant to be educational and delve deeper into subjects. However, white papers help you to establish your business as an industry expert and gives you authority in the eyes of customers. White papers can expand on topics that you use in your blog posts or cover other related topics or opinions.

Content Writing Example #8: User Guides and How-To’s

These types of content writing are very helpful for your current customers and for people who are close to making the purchasing decision. You can show off your products and how to use them and help your customers understand and utilize your products fully. 

Content Writing Example #9: Case studies

If you’re looking to optimize your conversion rate, case studies are a useful tool. Customers are often convinced by case studies that prove your products and solutions work. It’s important to show things like the value your business provides, sales history, and compare and contrast to your competitors’ solutions. Writing about a customer challenge and showing how your products solved that issue is a great technique to create your first case study. 

Content Writing Example #10: Video content

It may seem strange to think about videos as a place where you need content writing, but the truth is that your videos will be much more successful if you script them before filming. Writing out the conversation points or scripting the entire video is a great way to make sure the videos stay on topic and cover what they need to cover. Think about your goals when creating video content and consider writing out outlines or full scripts if necessary. Sometimes people can be nervous about being on camera, and having a script or loose talking points can help take the anxiety out of what to say. 

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