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DemandJump Closes Additional $1.8M in Series Seed

Indianapolis, IN - May 31, 2016 - DemandJump, an Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AIM)Platform, announced today the launch of its revolutionary new marketing platform designed to solve attribution and fuel growth for brands. 


DemandJump will use $1.8M of new investment monies to expand its sales and development teams and to increase client success teams in support of DemandJump’s growing customer base.

“We are very excited that these experienced and sophisticated investors recognize our game-changing technology and are helping fuel our growth,” said Christopher Day, co-founder and CEO at DemandJump. Investors include tech industry veterans 4G Ventures, Hyde Park Venture Partners, and Bob Davoli (Managing Director at Sigma Prime).

Established in 2015, DemandJump is solving attribution for marketers and brands by bridging the gap between artificial intelligence and actionable insights. DemandJump is able to effectively calibrate disparate online and offline data, using proprietary artificial intelligence techniques coupled with graph theory and algebraic topology, to reliably identify the best allocation for marketing budgets and resources.

Founded by executive tech veterans Christopher Day and Shawn Schwegman, DemandJump is experiencing rapid growth and was recently recognized for its innovation and achievements by being named “Innovation of the Year” and “New Startup of the Year” at TechPoint’s 17th annual Mira Awards Gala last month.

“Today’s marketers are in a tough position,” said Shawn Schwegman, co-founder and CSO. “They are tasked with developing a fully-integrated marketing plan that optimizes every dollar of marketing spend and delivers validated ROI. Yet marketers only have siloed, single-channel tools and inconsistent data sets to help them through this process. DemandJump provides marketers a holistic, reliable view of their brand’s entire ecosystem, along with the data and predictive analytics that enable marketers to make spend and allocation decisions that deliver the greatest traffic and revenue growth across channels.”

The launch of DemandJump’s platform, driven by early customer feedback and innovative artificial intelligence, marks the dawn of a new age for marketers. For decades, marketers have been forced to guess about what to do next to improve results. Due to the fragmented nature of online and offline customer behavior, coupled with tools that present a silo view of marketing data, marketers are spending a large percentage of budget and time testing the right mix for marketing. DemandJump’s market-leading solution siftsthrough billions of data-points to isolate what channels, actions and investments will deliver the greatest results for forward-thinking companies.

About DemandJump

DemandJump’s Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AIM) Platform makes sense of digital data so marketers can discover the largest opportunities specific to their brand(s), see a single version of truth, eliminate data silos and blind spots, optimize budget allocation and drive revenue growth across all digital marketing channels (and soon, online and offline channels) to grow share of voice, mind and wallet. Simply put, DemandJump ensures marketing spend is truly optimizing revenue generation.

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