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DemandJump Taps Top Retail Executive for CRO Position

JULY 14, 2016 - INDIANAPOLIS, IN — DemandJump, an Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AIM) and attribution platform, announced today that it has officially brought on top retail executive, Julie Lyle, as the company’s new chief revenue officer and chief marketing officer.

Lyle brings more than 20 years of executive and board-level experience to the table, including serving as chairwoman of the Global Retail Marketing Association (GRMA), chief marketing officer at Walmart, chief merchandising and marketing officer at Pamida, chief revenue officer at Raytheon, and chief marketing officer at Prudential Corporation Asia, to name a few.

“In all my years of marketing and retail experience, the greatest unsolved challenge has been accurate marketing attribution and reliable forecasting from marketing spend. For years, in the absence of a single, multichannel view of the customer path-to-purchase, marketers have had to act on hunches, rather than making fully-informed, data-validated decisions. The results are often volatile success outcomes and broad or unreliable sales forecasts,” said Lyle. She continued, “DemandJump is the first company I have seen with the vision, methodology, and team to crack this age-old marketing dilemma. They have built a scalable, long-term, and universally applicable solution, and I wanted to be a part of that.”

For DemandJump, the upside of hiring a CRO with Lyle’s track record is seemingly endless.

“Julie is a proven leader and one of the greatest marketing minds of our time,” said DemandJump co-founder and CEO, Christopher Day. “We couldn’t be more thrilled that she is joining the team. I can’t think of a better person to help us build, scale, and distribute our platform so that it continues to deliver the maximum possible value for marketers and brands.”

The acquisition of Lyle also helped attract more high-caliber talent in the form of proven enterprise class sales leaders, Daren Tomey and Dan Nasharr. Tomey and Nasharr bring a combined more than 40 years of experience helping omni-channel marketing companies significantly improve earnings by leveraging data-driven marketing technology solutions.

As a sales leader at Experian, Acxiom and Yes Lifecycle Marketing, Nasharr has excelled at providing omni-channel marketing solutions for companies like Kohl’s, Payless, Bass Pro Shops, Bluestem Brands and many other retailers. He said, “Throughout my career I am laser focused on always making the best even better. The evolution from traditional to digital marketing has created the need for increased accuracy with marketing attribution and measurement. DemandJump’s platform is a marketers dream come true.”

Tomey also comes with an impressive and lengthy resume. As a sales and marketing leader at ExactTarget, Compendium Blogware, Slingshot SEO and Proof HQ, he has been helping companies win by leveraging cutting edge marketing technology for more than 20 years. “DemandJump is a game-changer,” said Tomey. “Marketers deserve to make decisions based on a complete version of the truth, and to understand the customer’s entire path to purchase.”

The acquisition of Lyle, Tomey and Nasharr are the most recent events in a long string of successes for DemandJump. In the last three months alone, the company has closed out an initial seed funding round of $2.55 million, won two 2016 Techpoint Mira Awards (Best New Startup of the Year and Best New Innovation of the Year) and was selected as a finalist for the Red Herring Top 100 North America.

“It’s an awesome time to be here,” says DemandJump co-founder and chief strategy officer, Shawn Schwegman. “Julie, Dan and Daren are not only going to do great things for the company; but their experience, enthusiasm, and commitment is also going to add a ton of value for our current and future customers.”

“As marketers are now, more than ever, being charged with revenue responsibility, DemandJump will be their trusted resource for attribution modelling, accurate forecasting, and fact-based budget allocations to drive the greatest traffic and revenue growth,” concluded Lyle.

The launch of DemandJump’s platform signified the beginning of a new era. For decades, marketers have been forced to guess about what to do next to improve results. DemandJump’s market-leading solution sifts through billions of data-points to isolate what channels, actions and investments will deliver the greatest results for forward-thinking companies.

The addition of Lyle adds yet another indication that the company is on to something revolutionary.

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DemandJump’s Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AIM) Platform makes sense of digital data so marketers can discover the largest opportunities specific to their brand(s), see a single version of truth, eliminate data silos and blind spots, optimize budget allocation and drive revenue growth across all digital marketing channels (and soon, offline channels) to grow share of voice, market and wallet. Simply put, DemandJump ensures marketing spend is truly optimizing revenue generation.

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