ePlanters increased total revenue by 170% in less than one year by leveraging DemandJump's platform


About ePlanters

For nearly a decade, ePlanters has been dedicated to providing homes and offices with a wide variety of indoor and outdoor flower pots and plant maintenance tools. They are strengthening the ties between people and nature. ePlanters consciously selects planters and supplies that:

  • Support busy modern lives with easy care and maintenance
  • Care for the environment with 100% recyclable materials
  • Spark the imagination with textures, colors, and finishes to suit any décor


For nearly a decade, ePlanters has been dedicated to providing homes and offices with a
wide variety of indoor and outdoor flower pots and plant maintenance tools.

Prior to engaging with DemandJump's platform, the bulk of ePlanters’ business came from interior designers, landscapers and other professional buyers. However, they recently recognized an untapped opportunity to sell direct to consumers. ePlanters began this new digital strategy by experimenting with different marketing efforts and rolling out paid search, but found their initial marketing efforts to be unprofitable, and they could not pinpoint why.

DemandJump would significantly change the way they approached their entire digital strategy.

The Goal

  • Establish ePlanters as a force in competitive marketplace
  • Achieve profitable run rate within 3 months of launch (advertising cost to revenue)
  • Identify priority marketing channels to grow business


ePlanters faced a dilemma that will sound familiar to even the most seasoned marketers - how do we find customers that convert faster, with little to no wasted spend? An intimidating goal, but one they were able to achieve with the help of the DemandJump's platform.

ePlanters leveraged DemandJump to gain an unprecedented view of their entire digital ecosystem.

“In DemandJump's platform, I could literally see every location, every keyword, every touchpoint that was driving customers to my competitors”
- Jeremy Dearringer, CEO ePlanters


With the initial insights surfaced by DemandJump, a path forward was clear. DemandJump introduced a go-to-market strategy that started with targeting consumers that were the most ready to buy. Based on competitive shopping behaviors, ePlanters realized that paid search & shopping channels were the largest and most achievable opportunities, and with DemandJump, it was now possible to confidently implement an effective keyword strategy that was already proven to work in their competitive ecosystem.

DemandJump then helped structure and launch campaigns focused on high opportunity search terms, which signaled immediate purchase intent. We also knew that these keywords were generating the bulk of competitors’ traffic.

By starting with the highly-targeted, conversion-ready keywords identified by the platform, ePlanters could quickly begin to scale and find the perfect balance for their return on ad spend targets without wasting budget. 

After optimizing just these channels alone, ePlanters experienced a 72% increase in
online conversions, but the insights didn’t stop there.


DemandJump identified another high opportunity channel - affiliates. This was  another channel for ePlanters to further increase market share and supplement their newly-optimized paid search & shopping efforts. Affiliates were a previously untapped source of revenue - and again, ePlanters was able to cut through the noise and engage with the online publishers that were proven to be the most powerful amongst their competitive ecosystem and identified by our platform.

Following the successful launch of an affiliate marketing program,
ePlanters sprung for widespread coverage across each and every online
location that was driving traffic to competitors.


To tackle this, DemandJump's platform generated a prioritized display whitelist,
outlining exactly where ePlanters should target display & remarketing
efforts in order to intercept customers at the points where they are the
most likely to buy.

Armed with the most effective search terms and a scalable campaign
structure, complete with an affiliate and display strategy, ePlanters was
able to drive 84% more traffic to their site. This resulted in 3x more
conversions and 170% additional revenue. By continuing to expand and
engage, DemandJump is empowering ePlanters to gain full coverage across their digital competitive ecosystem. 

The Results

Customers like ePlanters are seeing double and triple digit increases in revenue across all digital channels in as little as one month. But don't just take our word for it, see for yourself.


Increase in qualified traffic in 2 months



Increase in total revenue in 6 months


Increase in total transactions



“DemandJump has helped us identify the top marketing channels and sources to propel our eCommerce business. With DemandJump, we’ve grown revenue by more than 170% in less than one year.”

Mark O’Marketing - VP Sales & Marketing, Xappp

Jeremy Dearringer
CEO, ePlanters

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