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Research and tactical guides to help you double marketing performance.

To Blog or Not to Blog Cover

To Blog or Not to Blog

Rewinding back in time to take a look at the tools and tricks some of the most prolific and beloved writers in history, like William Shakespeare, used to help them consistently turn out fantastic content.

Campfire Storytelling Cover

Creating Content for Your Audience's Context

How to more clearly imagine the context of your key readers and produce content that will echo their emotions, speak their language, and leave a lasting impression.

Building Your Content Strategy Cover

Building Your Pillar Content Strategy

Everything you need to know on how to get started building a pillar page strategy that will increase your first page rankings.

Blogging Against the Rules Cover

Blogging Against the Rules

We're shredding yesterday's rules for blogging and building some new rules that amount to one truth: In the world of blogging, there are no rules.

Traffic Titans Report

Everything You Need to Know About Marketing Analytics & AI

Download this expert field guide with everything you need to know about marketing analytics and artificial intelligence.

Research, Guides

What is Prescriptive Attribution?

Our industry is on the cusp of the biggest shakeup since the internet, and the only question that really matters is, “Are you ready?”


Drive Traffic Like REI

Are you a Sports and Outdoors eCommerce company? Check out our research brief featuring successful customer acquisition strategies from industry powerhouse REI.


Lessons from Nordstrom's Holiday Customer Acquisition Strategy

For this research brief, we’ll dive deeper into how Nordstrom uses digital channels to generate online sales, and highlight benchmarks and opportunities for you to make 2018 your best holiday season yet.

5 Questions to Dominate Online Customer Acquisition 

Growth is not simply a set of tactics. Growth is a mindset. Answer these 5 questions to see if your organization is ready to conquer your sphere of influence with the right preparation.

Learn more about how DemandJump doubles marketing performance

On average, our customers experience a 229% return on investment from DemandJump across digital channels.

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