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DemandJump for Analytics & Operations

All your data, finally in one place

How much of your time is spent combining marketing data from multiple siloed sources, fixing errors, and searching for answers?

Combine data from multiple sources

Remove mundanity

DemandJump frees you from the manual data work and automatically surfaces insights you can act on, so you can spend more time on the critical analysis to move your business forward!

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See why analytics leaders at Cummins, Orkin, Dometic and more turn to DemandJump to get the whole story they need to fuel their growth, improve their ROI, and win more customers.
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It's all here

An an analyst overseeing several marketing channels, it can be frustrating to dig through one dataset only to realize the answer lies in another - or that combining the two holds the real answer. DemandJump provides a holistic view of all your marketing data - integrating all your siloed tools into one spot - so you can generate insights from one central hub.

  • Integrate Google Ads, Facebook Ads, e-Commerce data & more
  • Automate reporting to internal & external teams
  • Overlay siloed data with competitive intelligence
  • Customize your reporting to fit your business needs and KPIs
Centralized Data
Content Strategy Recommendations

Get your time back

Free yourself from mundane campaign maintenance to focus on the efforts that move your business forward. DemandJump streamlines your day-to-day campaign analysis with automated alerts & updates on key performance trends you need to know.

  • Subscribe to any dashboard and get the gist delivered straight to your inbox daily
  • Keep all your campaigns optimized with automated recommendations that share how
  • Receive automated threshold alerts notifying when you should tweak your campaigns

Simplify your competitive analysis

Sifting through competitive data and uncovering the most important insights is a time consuming task. With DemandJump, you can instantly view your first party data overlaid with competitive insights and consumer behavior trends to understand what you should do next.

  • Understand what's working for your competitors
  • Quickly identify what you should be doing next
  • Benchmark your successes with your industry to know if you're on the right track
Competitive Insights and Gaps

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