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Page One Or Bust
Hosted by Christopher Day & Ryan Brock

Top Podcast for SEO and Marketing Leaders

Join the CEO and Chief Content Officer of DemandJump as they take a journey with the best business leaders and SEO experts in the world about their experiences – the good, the bad, and the ugly. We'll be sharing playbooks, busting myths, and guiding you to the first page of Google.


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Episode 1: Are You Ready to Join the SEO Revolution?



Toph Day - CEO and Co-Founder, DemandJump
Ryan Brock - Chief Content Officer, DemandJump

This episode features Christopher (Toph) Day and Ryan Brock, the CEO and Chief Content Officer at DemandJump, a marketing strategy platform that increases page-one rankings. As the show’s fearless leaders, they kick off the inaugural episode by diving deep into modern-day SEO expectations vs. reality, and share their ground-breaking strategy for organic search.

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Episode 2: The Future of Marketing is Organic Search



Nate Skinner, CMO of Onfido

This episode features Nate Skinner, CMO of Onfido, an AI-based technology that’s creating a new standard for online identity services. Nate brings more than 2-decades of experience building and leading marketing and sales teams for b2b tech companies, most recently at Oracle and Salesforce. He discusses why it’s financially smart to build a long-term organic search strategy and the importance of making continuous content creation a key component. Plus, Nate shares insight into closing the gap between sales and marketing.

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Episode 3: It’s Time to Rethink Your SEO Content Strategy



Sangram Vajre, Co-founder of Terminus

In this episode, Sangram Vajre, co-founder of Terminus and 3x author including the best-seller “MOVE: The 4-Question Go-to-Market Framework,” joins Toph & Ryan to discuss the new modern marketing approach to SEO, and how content creation is the superior approach for reaching page one and driving better results.

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Episode 4: Mastering SEO with Customer-Driven Content

MJ Peters Headshot


MJ Peters, VP of Marketing at CoLab Software

In this episode, MJ Peters, VP of Marketing at CoLab Software, shares how the manufacturing industry is sitting on a marketing goldmine. She joins Toph & Ryan to share her secrets for getting products on page one of search engines and talks about the importance of a pillar page as search engines grow increasingly smarter.

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Episode 5: Replace SEO with an SXO Mindset

Circle Headshot



Adam Helweh, CEO of Secret Sushi

In this episode, Adam Helweh, CEO of Secret Sushi, offers advice for turning page one rankings into results by using insight he’s pulled from working with some of Silicon Valley’s biggest brands, such as Edelman PR, Celigo, Broadcom, and others. You’ll hear Adam’s advice for creating future-proof content, reaching a more sophisticated audience, structuring your writing team, and much more.

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Episode 6: Disrupt the Market with a Pillar-Based Marketing Strategy




Stephen Messer, Co-Founder of Collective[i]

This episode features Stephen Messer, the co-founder and vice-chairman of Collective[i] and formerly, co-founder at Linkshare Corporation (exited for $500M). In the episode, you'll discover how Collective[i] disrupted the sales forecasting game with a pillar-based marketing strategy that built strong brand awareness and generated an impressive volume of leads.

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Episode 7: How To Use Digital Transformation To Get Results with Nick Wojdyla

Nick Circle Headshot



Nick Wojdyla, Director of Digital Marketing and Communications at Cummins

In this episode, you’ll hear from a Fortune 100 Digital Marketing Director who shares advice on how to take “digital transformation” from a buzzword to a methodology – one that results in highly coveted page one rankings. We talk to Nick Wojdyla, Director of Digital Marketing and Communications at Cummins, to get some data-driven insights you won’t want to miss, like picking the best SEO tools, creating a data management plan, and keeping your transformation affordable.

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Episode 8: Make a SXO Plan Work for a Legacy Industry with Ashley Kizzire

Ashley Kizzire Headshot


Ashley Kizzire, Vice President of Marketing at Advancing Organizational Excellence (AOE)

Not every business is on-board yet with the SEO revolution, and that’s why we’re talking to Ashley Kizzire, Vice President of Marketing at AOE. She’s leading the Search Experience Optimization (SXO) charge in the construction space and has been creating content that gets results since 1995. In this episode, Ashley shares insights from her journey so far—like how to convince leadership to adopt your vision, as well as advice for getting content in front of a harder-to-reach audience that can apply to any legacy industry.

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Episode 9: How Organic Alignment to Customer Behavior Leads to Profit for B2C Companies



Daniel Dietz, the CEO, U.S., and Bryan Jurus, the Director of eCommerce, at Longevity Labs

In a content-saturated marketplace, it’s more important than ever to make sure you're providing value. That’s why we talked to Daniel Dietz and Bryan Jurus, the U.S. CEO and Director of eCommerce of Longevity Labs, who have mastered this challenge as category creators. In this episode, they uncover the secrets behind their go-to-market success with a case study on how they grew sales from zero to $2.8M in 18 short months.

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Episode 10: How to Automate Organizing and Using Data to Create Content that Drives Results

Dan Adams Circle Headshot


Dan Adams, VP of Revenue at Switchboard Software

In this episode, we're talking about how to turn data into actionable insights that improve online campaign results with Dan Adams, Switchboard Software's VP of Revenue. You’ll hear insights from Dan’s 20+ years of experience in Technology/SaaS about navigating the data explosion, including advice on leveraging data science, creating data-driven go-to-market strategy, tools to organize data, alignment to target customer behavior, and much more.

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Episode 11: How to Stand Out in a Saturated Market with a Customer-First Content Strategy

Morgan Cooper



Morgan Cooper, Head of Marketing and Customer Success at Ocurate

Are you ready to join the SEO revolution, but not sure how to get started? In this episode, we dive deep into content strategy with Morgan Cooper, Head of Marketing and Customer Success at Ocurate. You’ll learn how to align sales and marketing, focus on customer pain points, avoid vanity metrics, and more.

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Episode 12: How to Build a Long-Lasting SEO Strategy

Jeff Kivett Circle Headshot



Jeff Kivett, Founder and Principal of MediaFuel

SEO and digital marketing are evolving at a near constant pace – are you keeping up? In this episode, we talk to the founder of a digital marketing agency who reveals the strategies he’s seen come and go over the past 20 years, as well as those that have endured the test of time.

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Episode 13: How to Optimize Content Successfully for the B2B Buying Journey




Heike Neumann

Customers don’t play by the rules. They want content at the right time, served right back to them where it makes sense. In this episode, we talk to the VP of Marketing at Oracle’s Global Advertising & CX pillar to discover how you can keep up.

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Episode 14: Why Measuring ROI on SEO is Crucial for Revenue Growth

Marcia Barnes




Marcia Barnes, Founder and CEO of Valve+Meter Performance Marketing

Businesses can’t afford to ignore SEO. In this episode, a marketing ROI expert shares tips for measuring organic search performance and optimizing content creation so that you can drive growth and increase revenue.

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