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DemandJump for Marketing Management

The visibility you've been missing

Marketers are juggling a lot these days - improving customer experience, driving new growth, and building a brand that breaks through the noise. But doing it all more efficiently than last year (while securing adequate budget for next year) would leave anyone gasping for air.

Marketing Management Analytics

Bring clarity to marketing

DemandJump brings clarity and confidence to today's marketing leaders. With DemandJump, CMOs exceed ambitious growth goals and free up budgets to deliver exceptional customer experiences across all channels.

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See why marketing leaders at Cummins, Orkin, Dometic and more turn to DemandJump to get the whole story they need to fuel their growth, improve their ROI, and win more customers.

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Move the needle, not your wallet

It can take weeks of digging and data analysis to find the most important actions to improve ROI. DemandJump's unique view of your marketing data and competitive ecosystem quickly surfaces the most important actions to improve ROI day-in and day-out.

  • Receive automatic recommendations to eliminate waste and improve performance
  • Uncover hidden cost eaters across all channels and campaigns
  • See what's working for your competitors, and what you should do to close the gap
Recommendation examples for Marketing Managers
Marketing Management Attribution Solutions

Your attribution solution

DemandJump helps you quickly uncover the most impactful marketing touches along the path to purchase. View attribution from a variety of perspectives to get closer to your customers than ever before.

  • Compare standard and data-driven attribution models in one place
  • Integrate on and offline marketing & conversion data
  • Identify your customers true path-to-purchase

Get data you can trust

Consumer behavior changes every day - and you have to change with it. That's why marketing leaders incorporate DemandJump's consumer behavior insights into their marketing strategy - instead of solely identifying audience segments to target.

  • Automate reporting on changing consumer behavior
  • Integrate all your data sources to make sure the numbers add up
  • Seamlessly incorporate offline data into the mix
centralized customer behavior data

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