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DemandJump for Social Media Marketing

Rise above the social noise

Competition in social marketing has never been higher, social budgets are increasing, and the social noise level is deafening. Are you feeling the pressure?


Lead the way

DemandJump provides actionable insights about your target audience's behavior, your cross-device social performance, and the opportunistic gaps that will keep you ahead of the game.

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See why social media masters at Cummins, Orkin, Plated and more turn to DemandJump to get the whole story they need to fuel their growth, improve their ROI, and win more customers.
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Amplify social performance

A positive ROI is getting harder to earn on social media. In a channel that now seems like table stakes, finding what works, and improving upon it is still a difficult task. That's why DemandJump gives you full access to your social media data and cross-references your it with downstream activity to show what's really working.

  • Access all your social media data in one place - with the metrics that matter most
  • Understand where you should increase spend and where you should cut back
  • Evaluate social media campaigns with KPIs that matter most to your business
  • Receive automatic recommendations to optimize social media campaigns

Break open the walled garden

Have you ever looked into performance across social networks and felt like the numbers didn't quite add up? DemandJump's unbiased insights offer an honest view of your cross-platform performance - all the way down to the ad.

  • Consult unbiased attribution that tells the whole story
  • Quantify the downstream impact of social media campaigns
  • Understand your campaign performance across channels and devices
  • Track engagement and conversions from a single view

Create contagious content

Social media can be a content creator's playground - but can quickly turn to chaos if your teams can't make sense of what's working. DemandJump gets you closer to your target audience than ever before and ensures you're not wasting your time chasing fruitless efforts.

  • Quickly identify which creative works and what doesn't
  • Create fresh and meaningful content your audience cares to engage with
  • Align social media content to online consumer behavior

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