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DemandJump for B2B

B2B marketing teams are under increased pressure to drive revenue and play a larger role in the sales process. With DemandJump's CRM integrations, B2B marketers finally have the ability to see which efforts are driving sales pipeline value - and react in real-time.

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See why brands like Cummins, SkySync and many more turn to DemandJump to get the whole story they need to deliver great customer experiences and generate predictable ROI.

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Connect Marketing and Sales Data

B2B marketers are more financially accountable than ever before - highlighting a need to tie spend directly to sales impact. DemandJump's Account Based Attribution allows B2B marketers to see what is driving pipeline and closed won revenue - and more important - what is not.

  • Which campaigns lead to closed won revenue?
  • Which pieces of content drive pipeline value?
  • What organic search terms drive deal revenue?
  • Which paid keywords drive pipeline value?
Content marketing and sales performance
Customer Behavior Opportunities for B2B

Align to Customer Behavior

With DemandJump, B2B marketers see beyond their four walls. Armed with Consumer Insight Reports you will have a step-by-step guide on how to align the way you market and sell with the way your prospects decide and buy.

  • Find competitive gaps and opportunities to gain market share
  • Recommended content to create and instant content outlines
  • See your target customer's complete path to purchase before they even reach your site
  • Identify the most impactful placements for your brand's message

Do More With Less

B2B marketers no longer have to guess about what they should do next - with DemandJump they have a central source of truth, and direction, for their marketing efforts.

  • Act on prioritized automated recommendations with predicted outcomes
  • Know what content to write, campaigns to create and keywords to use
  • One-click actions give your team valuable time back
  • Allocate your budget with data-driven attribution
Recommendation examples for B2B Marketers

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