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DemandJump for Agencies

DemandJump provides agencies with the insights needed to win and grow their client business - and save time doing it.

  • Add Value By Bringing New Ideas
  • Create Content That Ranks - Fast!
  • Keep Clients Ahead of the Curve
  • Prove Results And Grow Budgets

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See why agencies like SFC Group, Cox Media Group, and more turn to DemandJump to get the insights they need to produce dramatic results for their clients.

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Win Clients In a Crowded Market

Stand out from your competitors and win more new business with DemandJump's insights. Replacing multiple tools with one platform allows you to win more customers - faster! 

  • Win business by bringing clients and prospects industry insights they didn't know they could get.
  • Power your pitch with competitive trends and unique audience behavior insights.
  • Know your prospect's market share, performance, and gaps before you even meet with them.
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Consumer Insights for Marketing
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Write Faster - Rank Better

Create website and blog content that ranks on the first page - and save time doing it. Know exactly what content to create and keywords to include to ensure it ranks - fast!

  • Prioritized list of content to create around any topic.
  • SEO-friendly content outlines for any search query with one click. Includes recommended H1s, H2s, and keywords.
  • Content strategy with site architecture and pillar strategy execution in mind, taking the guesswork out of how to structure content.
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Prove Results and Optimize

Eliminate wasted time and spend with DemandJump's automated attribution dashboards. Know with certainty which efforts are driving ROI and value for your clients.

  • Clearly see which campaigns are driving revenue.
  • Show your clients which pieces of content drive pipeline.
  • Understand the search terms and keywords that lead to sales.
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Marketing Attribution Softwares

Power Your Own Content Strategy

DemandJump helps your internal teams know the exact content to create for your agency to rank on page one for topics your prospects are researching when looking for a new agency.

  • See what keywords and questions prospective clients are searching.
  • Save time and resources creating content calendars and writing content so your team can focus on client work.
  • Outrank your competitors with thought leadership content that positions your agency as the expert on relevant topics.
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Stay ahead of the pack

with DemandJump's state of the art content solution.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does your Agency edition pricing work?

DemandJump works with agencies in a reseller model. Within this model, your agency is able to resell the DemandJump platform as a part of your overall service offering to the customers you serve.

How is the Agency account structured?

We set up your agency account in a hierarchical way, so that you have a parent account for your overall agency, with child accounts for each customer domain under your agency account.

As an Agency partner, can I use the platform for our own internal marketing efforts?

Absolutely! At DemandJump, we believe that our agency partners that drive results for their own marketing efforts are more likely to recommend DemandJump to the customers you serve. All agency partners get access to DemandJump for their own internal domain as a reseller partner - at no additional cost.

Why does each customer of mine need their own DemandJump subscription?

Great question! In short, each customer should have their own unique DemandJump account because each customer has their own unique competitive set, as well as different topics they care about. The Insights DemandJump provides for each customer will be tailored to your customer's website and the different competitors in their ecosystem.

What support is included for Agency partners?

You’ll get an assigned CSM to provide training & ongoing support for your use of DemandJump. Agency partners will also get an assigned Account Executive to assist with co-selling efforts to your customers/prospects. Your account team will have a vested interest in your overall success as a DemandJump partner.

What is the cost to become an Agency partner of DemandJump?

The annual cost is $4,800 to become an agency partner of DemandJump.