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DemandJump for Content Marketing

Content perfectly aligned to your customer

In a world saturated with blogs, videos, and podcasts, the only way to stand out is to create content people actually want. But where's the map that that aligns your content strategy to consumer behavior and internet trends?


Remove uncertainty

DemandJump takes the guess work out of building your content strategy. Our analysis of internet behavior surfaces the topics and questions your teams should be covering to gain share of voice, build brand relationships, and drive site traffic.

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See why content creators at Cummins, Homage, Dometic, and more turn to DemandJump for must-have consumer behavior insights that fuel their content strategy.
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A map for content strategy

DemandJump's consumer behavior insights uncover the most important topics your content team should be covering - visualizing how consumer search queries are related and informing how you should structure your strategy.

  • Build helpful brand experiences with content that engages and delights
  • Craft a content strategy with your target audience at the core
  • Meet your target audience at the moment it matters - with content that seals the deal
Top keywords for content creation
DemandJump Content Generator

Be heard - create content that ranks

Struggling to get your content on the front page of search engines? DemandJump's consumer behavior insights show exactly what you should be writing about and how you should be writing to be the most relevant search result.

  • Reach consumers first with content that makes their lives easier
  • Own the front page of search engines with a roadmap that shows you how
  • Build your content strategy faster - with confidence you're on the right track

Find out what's working

Measuring the effect of content has never been easier. With DemandJump, you can quickly gauge how effectively your content reaches and engages consumers - in one central hub.

  • Understand the downstream impact of content you've written
  • Track your organic progress as you tackle keywords and phrases with content
  • See what content is working - and what's not
Content Attribution Solution

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