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DemandJump for Search Marketing

Amplify your search strategy

70% of most search marketers' time is spent analyzing data to figure out what to do next - and it can still feel like you're not getting the whole story.

Your Top Keyword Opportunities

Remove uncertainty

DemandJump takes the uncertainty out of search marketing by revealing search insights from the Customer Journey and Competitive Landscape you can't easily see today.

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See why search marketers at Cummins, Orkin, Dometic and more turn to DemandJump to get the whole story they need to fuel their growth, improve their ROI, and win more customers.

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Get your time back

Most of a search marketers time is spent sifting through disparate search data to find a clear path forward. Cut that time in half by consulting all your key search data in one place. No more exporting, mixing, and matching - just uncovering the insights that matter most. See competitive search data, keyword performance, organic rank data, and more all in one view to streamline your analysis.

  • View competitive search insights & competitive trends
  • Compare paid and organic search performance side-by-side
  • Identify your biggest keyword opportunities with quantifiable traffic lift
Competitive Search Insights
Anomaly and Outlier Detection

Make sense of your change history

Search marketers are constantly testing, iterating, and optimizing. But keeping track of all your minute changes to keep moving forward can be overwhelming to say the least. DemandJump makes it easy to understand the impacts of your search changes and make continual progress.

  • Automatically log campaign changes and track results
  • Visualize campaign performance trends
  • Never make the same mistake twice

Find search opportunities - fast

DemandJump's integration with all your paid search tools and competitive data offers a unique and comprehensive view of your search campaigns - surfacing opportunities it would normally take weeks to uncover manually. By overlaying competitor data & consumer behavior on top of your 1st party performance, you'll find your best next steps to improve performance within one view.

  • Identify gaps in your current keyword strategy
  • Receive automated recommendations based on competitive trends
  • Automate reporting for all your key search insights
keyword adjustment recommendations

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