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DemandJump for Programmatic Advertising

A quantum leap forward in programmatic strategy

Programmatic advertising performance was poisoned by challenges with ad fraud, transparency, viewability, attribution, and bad data - but we found the cure.

Precisely target your audience

Revitalize your approach

DemandJump provides a fresh new approach to programmatic advertising, enabling a new way to target your audience at precisely the right time, when it matters the most.

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See why programmatic advertisers at Cummins, Orkin, Dometic and more turn to DemandJump to get the whole story they need to fuel their growth, improve their ROI, and win more customers.
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Get display (really) working

Only 0.05% of display ads across all networks get clicked on. It's time to boost those numbers. Uncover the most optimal placements for your display ads with DemandJump's comprehensive view of online consumer behavior.

  • Meet consumers in the right place and time
  • Align display advertising to the customer journey
  • Advertise on the websites that drive the most traffic to your competitors
Relevant Websites for Display
Advertise smarter with recommendations

Meet customers when they're ready to listen

20 percent of ad-serving sites on the web are visited exclusively by bots. DemandJump ensures you don't waste your ads on any of them - and that your ads are delivered in relevant and helpful context.

  • Selectively advertise on DemandJump verified websites
  • Eliminate brand unsafe and irrelevant sites from your inventory
  • Cut wasted ad spend with automated recommendations

Communicate the value of display

With DemandJump's data-driven attribution, you'll show the value of each marketing touchpoint along the path to purchase - regardless of when it happened along the customer journey. Identify the key touchpoints used to nurture customers and quantify the value your awareness campaigns with DemandJump's unique mix of attribution models.

  • Quantify the value of any display ad on any conversion
  • Discover the placements where your ads perform best
  • Drill into each attribution model down to the campaign level
Deal Value of Display

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