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by Jordan Ehrlich, on Jul 24, 2018 12:29:44 PM

INDIANAPOLIS (Embargoed until 11 a.m., July 24, 2018) — TechPoint, the growth accelerator for Indiana’s tech ecosystem, has announced the Tech 25 Class of 2018. Now in its fourth year, the Tech …

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Topics:Company Updates

by Natalie Davis, on Jan 2, 2018 2:30:00 PM

The Indiana Chamber of Commerce has added more than two dozen members to its board of directors. The additions include executives industries, such as Christopher Day We are proud to …

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by Natalie Davis, on Dec 19, 2017 2:20:00 PM

Julie Lyle gives her take on the importance of marketers leveraging AI and predictive analytics in this Martech Advisor article From applications in HR and hiring, logistics and inventory and …

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by Natalie Davis, on Nov 29, 2017 11:51:00 AM

Christopher Day talks about the importance of AI in a successful digital marketing strategy. The trick is recognizing an innovative technology versus an empty buzzword. AI is about getting LOTS …

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by Natalie Davis, on Nov 28, 2017 12:47:00 PM

Created by marketers for marketers, DemandJump makes marketing more purposeful by helping you wade through all the tools, data sets, channels and competition. There are so many platforms and analytics …

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by Natalie Davis, on Nov 27, 2017 12:02:00 PM

With the rise of artificial intelligence, web analytics is changing, and DemandJump is the company disrupting traditional analytics tools We’re seeing artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and/or natural language processing …

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by Natalie Davis, on Nov 8, 2017 12:28:00 PM

In the lead up to Salesforce Dreamforce, Martech unvelied their TechByte series featuring high-profile Dreamforce attendees and MarTech Champions. They interviewed Julie Lyle of DemandJump to find out her expectations from the …

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by Natalie Davis, on Oct 31, 2017 5:00:00 PM

Nathan Latka, the executive producer of the top podcast, interviews our own Christopher Day, to learn to learn how he came to found DemandJump and how DemandJump shows marketers #WhyWhereMatters …

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by Natalie Davis, on Sep 11, 2017 11:16:04 AM

DemandJump, an AI-based marketing platform, has just introduces Traffic Cloud — a first-of-its-kind solution maps networks of traffic between sources and user flows to uncover which sites, sources, influencers, content …

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by Natalie Davis, on Sep 11, 2017 11:10:20 AM

To be successdul in today's digital landscape, enterprises must be able to take a range of market dynamics into consideration as they execute their campaigns and strategies. That is difficult …

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