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Will DemandJump Get $25m Valuation on $1m ARR?

by Natalie Davis, on Oct 31, 2017 5:00:00 PM

Nathan Latka, the executive producer of the top podcast, interviews our own Christopher Day, to learn to learn how he came to found DemandJump and how DemandJump shows marketers #WhyWhereMatters

In Episode #829, Nathan interviews Christopher Day. He’s been a successful entrepreneur, having sold two companies to a Fortune 100 company before turning 40. He’s had businesses from residential painting to investment banking doing cross-border M&A transactions. Along the way, he has found time to mentor other entrepreneurs and participates in helping solve legislative issues to foster entrepreneurial growth in the State of Indiana. He’s now building a platform with DemandJump that is looking to solve prescriptive analytics and qualified traffic. The DemandJump team has discovered marketers only have 20% visibility of their actual ecosystem.

Read more and listen to the Interview at NathanLatka.com»


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