Up-and-Comer Charmides Making Waves in Indy Tech

Egan Montgomery
Oct 6, 2016 11:33:22 AM

Charmides Capital, an Indianapolis-based venture capital fund is off to a rocking start in the city (via IBJ).

Launched in June 2015 by Carmel natives Jack Eggleston (27) and his father Tom Eggleston (64), Charmides has pumped upwards of $3 million into 7 companies and 2 other venture capital firms. 

DemandJump, Bluebridge Digital, Odyssey Media Group, and Clear Software are all members of the Charmides portfolio.

The Indy technology and entrepreneurial community is as busy as ever, thanks in large part to firms like Charmides Capital recognizing the massive amounts of opportunity that exist.

Eggleston says that Charmides targets early stage, enterprise-software companies and will intend to keep their investments focused in the Midwest.

Thus far they have considered about 250 deals.

Other institutional investment firms are happy to have them in town. More access to capital means more opportunity for entrepreneurs. And firms like Charmides, 4G Ventures, Hyde Park Ventures, Allos Ventures, and more are coming into deals at the same time, making the entire process of raising money more streamlined and efficient. 

DemandJump is proud to have the support of a firm like Charmides. It is essential as we solve attribution for marketers and build a solution to help our customers maximize revenue.

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