DemandJump debuts cloud-based web traffic tracker

Natalie Davis
Sep 8, 2017 9:06:28 AM

DemandJump is looking to solve a problem that many retailers and brands have, but may not realize just how much of a problem it is. Directing traffic to a retail website is still seen as the best way to increase the chance of online sales conversions, but many of the systems retailers use to help them do that are focused on delivering limited "post-funnel" data, including historical analytics and last click attribution, said Schwegman, a former Overstock executive.

"Most marketers have no idea that when they are looking at things like last click attribution they are only seeing about 20% of their ecosystem," he said.

The aim of Traffic Cloud, according to Schwegman, is to show retailers and marketers the other 80% — all of the site visits, social signals, click-throughs, handoffs and redirects that make up the broad network that feeds traffic toward a given website

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