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Set It & Forget It Marketing Is Over

by Natalie Davis, on Sep 11, 2017 11:10:20 AM

To be successdul in today's digital landscape, enterprises must be able to take a range of market dynamics into consideration as they execute their campaigns and strategies.

That is difficult to accomplish manually, of course, hence the rise of automated offerings that are able to fill the need. 

AI-based marketing platform DemandJump, for example, recently released a solution that "maps networks of traffic between sources and user flows to uncover which sites, sources, influencers, content and keywords" are best at driving qualified traffic and revenue for brands. 

Leveraging customer data, competitive intelligence, prescriptive analytics and attribution (based on more than 170 points of data for every event and pageview), the new Traffic Cloud solution provides rather unprecedented visibility into a brand’s competitive digital ecosystem. Essentially, this is AI that provides marketers with insights into Web traffic patterns how they can outmaneuver their competition when it comes to optimizing content marketing, affiliate marketing, even paid search and display campaigns. 

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