DemandJump is solving the biggest remaining marketing challenges

Egan Montgomery
Oct 6, 2016 11:29:03 AM

Marketers can no longer get away with having just “a spray and pray mindset.” They now have revenue responsibility like almost every other business discipline. In a survey released by Gartner last month, two out of five CMOs (or up to 46 percent) report having their own P+L with a direct line of sight to revenue responsibility.

Marketing, however, isn’t like sales with a neatly structured funnel of customer journeys built upon a single source of the truth CRM like Salesforce. Until recently, computational power limitations and database structure restrictions made creating a single source of the truth for marketing’s complex, spiderweb-like ecosystem nearly impossible.

DemandJump, a fast-growing Indianapolis-based scale-up company, has changed that, especially for its targeted retail, consumer packaged goods, financial services and healthcare markets.

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