DemandJump releases Traffic Cloud platform

Natalie Davis
Sep 8, 2017 8:39:37 AM

Marketing analytics platform DemandJump is today releasing its first product, an artificial intelligence-powered platform that tracks incoming site traffic.

Called Traffic Cloud, the platform has previously been tested with a couple of dozen brands in pharma, CPG, retail and e-commerce over eight months of a beta period. It maps visitor traffic to a brand’s website, so that Brand X can see the sites, blogs, search terms or social networks its visitors came from — going back three levels.

The referring data shows which traffic sources — including social influencers and types of content — generated the customers who bought the most on Brand X’s site.

With this information, a brand could, for instance, decide to spend money advertising on Site ABC, because that’s where the most traffic or the best customers come from.

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