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Egan Montgomery
Oct 6, 2016 11:12:14 AM

Carmel-based DemandJump co-founders Christopher Day and Shawn Schwegman have raised the bar of sophistication in targeted online digital marketing.

Indianapolis has been a hotbed for the marketing tech industry. Home to companies such as Aprimo (sold to Teradata), ExactTarget (acquired by SalesForce) and now DemandJump, the cyber approach to marketing has strong roots in the Indianapolis area.

Effectively managing data is a major challenge for companies. According to the Harvard Business Review, “Because of big data, managers can measure, and hence know, radically more about their businesses and directly translate that knowledge into improved decision making and performance.”

DemandJump has created an actionable intelligent marketing platform (AIM) that harnesses this data, transforming it into a vehicle to drive revenue to their clients. This capability gives their clients a competitive edge, and companies are taking note.

Building upon their successes with former startups and business experience, Day and Schwegman have combined their technical prowess and marketing skills to drive the future of online marketing. Using vast amounts of data, applying their analytics and algorithms, DemandJump’s AIM platform shows marketers the biggest opportunities, predicted revenue and how to adjust budget allocation to maximize return on investment (ROI).

Day has sold two of his former companies, one each to Motorola and Comcast. Schwegman’s CV is also impressive, for he is credited with helping to grow from $3 million in sales to over $800 million. The two men met a few years ago. “I knew when I met Shawn that he and I needed to work together,” shares Day. “I was familiar enough with the marketing technology industry enough to understand Shawn’s approach was genius.”

“There’s an overabundance of marketing ‘big data’ tools and scorecards that report on past campaign performance. They report the news. DemandJump helps marketers make the news,” says Schwegman. “While data is obviously important in today’s data-driven world, marketers simply want to know what to do next to maximize their dollar.

It’s not about big data. It’s about what the data tells us. That’s where DemandJump comes in. Our platform predicts what a marketer should do next, where they should spend money, how they should do it and why.”

Combining their skill sets along with a team of technology engineers, the DemandJump AIM platform shows digital marketers where to focus and eliminates blind spots that will quantifiably drive revenue.

“DemandJump is focused on strategically positioning our clients to maximize their digital potential,” says Day. “It’s an aggressive vehicle for driving new customers.”

There is an overwhelming amount of data that is readily available. The trick is knowing how to analyze the data and use it advantageously over competitors.

“A comment from a recent potential client was that they ‘simply don’t have time to look at all the information and various tools and platforms nor know even where to start with all of the other traditional marketing actions they have to perform,’” shares Day. “Companies are excited about having a platform that will bubble up their biggest opportunities to the top, so they can go act on what will move the needle.”

According , forecasting is the greatest challenge facing marketing departments worldwide. The digital marketer of the future must be able to identify where to focus efforts, how to allocate budget and be responsible for revenue growth. Currently there is no central source of the truth that exists today that enables them to do just that, until now.

“DemandJump is very different than any other marketing tool I’ve seen, as most marketing tools amalgamate marketing data and deliver back data without any actionable next steps – whereas DemandJump gathers marketing data and specifically details what to do next, thus giving marketers truly actionable data,” states Kelly Hendricks, CEO of BLASTmedia. “No other marketing tool I know of gives marketers a daily blueprint on exactly where and how much to spend to maximize marketing ROI. It’s a marketers dream.”

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