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Nominees Announced for 17th Annual Mira Awards

Egan Montgomery
Oct 6, 2016 11:21:40 AM

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.  (February 18, 2016) — TechPoint, Indiana’s technology growth initiative, has announced the nominees for its 17th annual Mira Awards presented by Angie’s List, Interactive Intelligence, and Salesforce. The Mira Awards program is a five-month season of events and communications honoring ‘The Best of Tech in Indiana’ each year.

“This year’s Mira Awards are the first ever to have three presenting sponsors, all three are publicly-traded technology companies, and all three employ more than 1,000 people here in Indiana,” said Mike Langellier, president and CEO of TechPoint. “We couldn’t have planned it better or wished for better supporters than we have with Angie’s List, Interactive Intelligence and Salesforce.”

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