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Winning a Mira Award helped us grab attention from investors

Egan Montgomery
Feb 14, 2017 11:54:01 AM

DemandJump was in the process of raising a Series Seed round with the goal of raising $1.5 million when they brought home not just one, but two “Best of Tech in Indiana” Mira Awards last year. The fast-growing, Indianapolis-based scale-up company ultimately oversubscribed the Series Seed round and successfully closed $1.8 million in capital.

“Winning two Mira Awards was helpful in raising the awareness and profile of DemandJump’s innovation and differentiation in the marketplace,” said Christopher Day, CEO of DemandJump. “We oversubscribed the Series Seed round and caught the attention of several key research analysts including Intelligentsia, Forrester and Gartner, and made important media contacts.”

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