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Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AIM) Platform

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Existing marketing tools display the past and analyze siloed data, with little direction on how to impact future strategies.


The exponential scale and complexity of data has created a need beyond dashboards, spreadsheets, and human intervention.

We believe marketers deserve better.

True insights stem from relationships between relevant data.  DemandJump analyzes critical data you didn't know existed to reveal hidden opportunities.



DemandJump organizes the data and simplifies the insights.


Our unmatched prediction engine removes your data burden. DemandJump shows you where you are winning and losing, and intuitively surfaces future opportunities to act upon.



 "Using technology like this is the only way we could have gotten visibility into what we should do next when it comes to digital marketing..."

- Bryan Johnson, eCommerce Director @ Great Fermentations


 "No other marketing tool I know of gives marketers a daily blueprint on exactly where and how much to spend to maximize marketing ROI. It’s a marketers dream."

- Kelly Hendricks, CEO @ BLASTmedia


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