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Traffic Cloud™ prioritizes your marketing investments across channels so you can focus your time, team and budget on the traffic sources that matter most.

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Make the most of your marketing investments

Until now, most marketers only had visibilty to about 20% of their digital ecosystem. The DemandJump Traffic Cloud™ analyzes billions of data points to find and prioritize your greatest sources of qualified traffic - across channels.

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Your Air Traffic Control Dashboard

Traffic Cloud™ gives you unprecedented visibility into your digital ecosystem so you know precisely where competitors are winning traffic and how you can take it from them.

And our cross-channel approach means Traffic Cloud™ is your central hub for all things qualified traffic.

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Focus on growing your business

Marketers are drowning in tools, data sets, channels and competition. Powered by artificial intelligence, Traffic Cloud™ cuts through the noise and delivers prioritized action plans of your most valuable qualified traffic sources. Now you can focus your attention and marketing investments where they matter most. 


Traffic Cloud™ powers marketing teams that are serious about growing revenue

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Increase in average order value
from display


Increase in revenue
from affiliates


Increase in ROAS
from paid search

No other marketing tool I know of gives marketers a daily blueprint on exactly where and how much to spend to maximize marketing ROI. It’s a marketer's dream.


Kelly Hendricks, CEO

 With the help of DemandJump we have built a cadre of affiliates who are driving quantifiable and significant results.


Paul Saunders, CEO

 Using technology like this is the only way we could have gotten visibility into what we should do next when it comes to digital marketing.


Bryan Johnson, Owner
Great Fermentations

Traffic Cloud™ by DemandJump

Your single source for qualified traffic

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