Your customers are cross-channel.
So why aren't your business solutions?

See the most powerful sites and sources ranked in order across all your digtal channels. 

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See where you are winning and losing online

Understand the value of each traffic source and plan your strategy around the marketing initiatives that maximize growth.

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003-shuffle.png Display

Double your display results

Digital marketing is like real estate. It's all about location, location location. Traffic Cloud™ gives you unprecedented visibilty into where you should place display advertisements. When overalyed with the audience targeting, our customers experience double or even triple-digit improvements in CTR, display revenue, average order size and more.

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003-shuffle.png Search

Focus on the search terms that drive revenue

We think about search from the most important perspective - your markets' actual behavior. The complexity of search marketing is getting evermore challenging. We sift through the noise and help you focus on what matters most - align your search marketing with actual user behavior.

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003-shuffle.png Blogs

Optimize ROI by focusing on the right relationships 

How do you know which websites are capable of driving qualified traffic to your site? With the millions of websites that exist today, which ones should you spend time building a relationship with? What sites should you avoid?  Which sites are driving traffic to your competitors? Do you know? The Traffic Cloud knows...

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003-shuffle.png Affiliates

Redirect investments to the most powerful affiliates

How do you know which affiliates will drive the most qualified traffic to your site? There are so many different option - without AI, it's impossible to know which ones will drive the most return on investment. Traffic Cloud™ finds and prioritizes the most powerful affiliates in your digital ecosystem so you know which ones to go after.

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003-shuffle.png Content

Know what to write, when to write it and where to syndicate

It has been said that content is king, but that depends on what your audience thinks of your content. So, how do you know what your audience likes? What content should you write next? What is the best way to amplify your content and engage your audience?  Thankfully, the Traffic Cloud can show you what content is working, what content your audience wants, and the best way to promote your content and engage your target audience.

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003-shuffle.png Influencers

Engage with the most relevant influencers right now

You have to take your message to the right crowd. Traffic Cloud™ understands the content you write. It also understands your digital universe and matches each article you write with the best social influencers that are active in your ecosystem, recently talking about similar topics, and contain the highest level of engaged audience you desire. Every article is unique, and every content promotion strategy should match accordingly. 

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Traffic Cloud™ is the only marketing solution that overlays your data with your competitors’ data, and prescribes quantifiable actions to drive revenue and growth

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