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Market Intelligence

Discover who’s leading the way in your industry. Find out which channels and sources are driving traffic to your competitors, what content is resonating with consumers, and which keywords you need to gain market share.

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Market Intelligence
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"DemandJump showed me more about my competitive landscape that I didn’t already know, then helped to prioritize gaps & opportunities so I stay a step ahead of my competition."
Nick Wojdyla Cummins

Nick Wojdyla
Digital Marketing Operations Leader, Cummins

How can I leverage competitor data to improve my content?

See what content is resonating with consumers and generating buzz online. Be part of the conversation and even capture organic traffic from your competition.

  • Competitor Blog Analysis
  • Competitor Content Analysis
Market intelligence for content marketers

Who are my top search competitors?

Discover who's bidding on the same keywords and how they're affecting the buyer journey. Are you an industry leader? Or do you need to adjust your strategy to get ahead of the competition?

  • Analyze Competitor Keywords (Paid)
  • Analyze Competitor Keywords (Organic)
  • Competitor Ad Analysis
  • Competitor Shopping Analysis
identifying top competitors from market intelligence

How do my competitors
generate site traffic?

Find out which channels and sources are driving traffic to the competition and uncover the best new traffic opportunities to gain the upper hand. You’ll see how you stack up and which trends change over time.
  • Competitor Traffic Analysis
  • Competitor Media Mix
  • Competitive Gap Analysis
  • Competitor Benchmarking
Using market intelligence to generate website traffic

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