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Channel Optimization

Optimize your marketing campaigns across channels with DemandJump's automatic recommendations. Reach new audiences while cutting costs by aligning your marketing strategy with actual consumer behavior.

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Channel Optimization
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"We used to spend hours looking for insights in dozens of tools and reports. Now we log into one place to figure out what our customers are doing, and how to meet them where it matters most."

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Zach Roop
Digital Marketing Manager, Dometic

How can I optimize my search marketing?

You can improve your marketing performance with the right adjustments to your keywords. Uncover blindspots in your strategy and save budget when you focus on the keywords that will increase ad relevance and landing page experience.

  • Improve Keyword Quality Score
  • Align Ad Copy to Consumer Behavior
  • Add Negative Keywords
  • Add New Keywords
  • Get More From Your Budget
Channel optimization search marketing

How do I increase traffic to my site and target new leads?

Increase traffic to your site by placing highly relevant ads on affiliate sites in your competitive landscape. This added exposure will help you reach new leads before your competitors do.

  • Engage New Affiliates
  • Targeted Display Ad Placement
  • Reach New Traffic Sources
channel optimization website tracking

How can I rank higher on search engines organically?

You can rank higher organically when you align your keywords and content to answer the exact questions being asked by consumers. Discover which websites have content about your competitors and become an industry leader on trending topics.  
  • Improve Website Content
  • Update Your Metadata
  • Enhance Your Landing Page
  • Add New Backlinks
  • Create Better Content
channel optimization seo improve organic rank with backlink

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