003-shuffle.png All Your Data

Your data, your way

Pull together disparate data sources, customize your reporting and export whenever. It’s about time an analytics partner treated your data like it was your data.

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Centralize your data and reporting

Pull your disparate data sources together and centralize your reporting.

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Take ownership of your data across channels

Make sense of your data with precise insights, all in one place. Integrations and customizations to feed your data strategy.

  • Retroactive Event Handling and Processing

  • Data Pattern Analysis & Discovery

  • On-Demand Data Curation and Enrichment

  • Custom variable support for events, users, products, and more

  • Export anytime


See it live

Traffic Cloud™ is the only marketing solution that overlays your data with your competitors’ data, and prescribes quantifiable actions to drive revenue and growth

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Mighty alone. Unstoppable together

Our features work as one to deliver a complete business solution. Increase qualified traffic, grow revenue and optimize spend with Traffic Cloud™.



All Your Data

Centralize it. Own it. Export it.

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Competitive Intelligence

 Overlaid on your data to know where you can win market share.

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Prescriptive Analytics

Unlimited drill-down and prescriptive recommendations powered by advanced AI and network science.

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Prescriptive Attribution

Standard, custom and algorithmic models - all side by side.

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