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SEO Content Strategy of QuickBooks and Competitors | Episode 06

by Natalie Davis, on May 6, 2020 11:55:14 AM

In this episode of Consumer Central, Natalie takes a look at the SEO Content Strategy of QuickBooks and their competitors with the help of Consumer Insights.

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Hello my name is Toph and welcome back to Consumer Central. Today we want to do something a little bit different. I asked Natalie on our product team to take us on a tour and look at a b2b case study in the accounting software industry. With that, let's check out what Natalie is going to show us today.

Hi there, it's Natalie from the product team at DemandJump. Let's take a look at QuickBooks. It's no secret that they are a giant in the world of accounting software, but even the biggest companies have blind spots. We begin by running a few simple queries. These don't have to start out complicated to provide powerful insights. Let's look at "accounting software." Now, if we go to summary, that's where things first start to come together.
Looking at their coverage, it's no surprise that QuickBooks has the lion's share compared to their competitors. And they don't fare too poorly among top advertisers and organic competitors either. Once again, these are the top advertisers and organic websites appearing for the query "accounting software."

If we scroll down to prioritized
questions, this is where QuickBooks starts encountering some blind spots. Take a look at these questions and see what themes arise; a big one is comparison value proposition. This is a big opportunity to align their content strategy with the most powerful consumer questions.
And check this out. If I click on "is Wave better than QuickBooks?" I can see who appears for number two while we are in the 26th position. It's no surprise that it's Waveapps.com. QuickBooks' search coverage, like their questions, is good. But once again, we see some gaps where the competitors are ranking number one.
Finally, at the bottom of the summary, are prioritized videos. Immediately it becomes apparent in the top 20 that the videos ranking well for the query, "accounting software" have the word free in the title. After the 10th spot is a comparison video - harkening back to the theme of comparison we saw above with the top questions. I know QuickBooks has a free version of their software. Because of this, a video highlighting a comparison between their free version and their competitors could be a game-changer.
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