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Crest Vs. Colgate - Who is Better Aligned to Consumer Behavior? | Episode 04

by Christopher Day, on Apr 27, 2020 6:47:51 PM


In this episode of Consumer Central, Toph analyzes the online marketing presences of Crest and their competitors and finds out what consumers really care about when it comes to oral hygiene.

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Hello, my name is Toph, and welcome back to Consumer Central where we help businesses and marketers eliminate blind spots by revealing more of the customer journey than they could ever see before.

So with that, today we are going to look at a real life example of an awesome company based here in the US and it is called P&G. Today we are going to look at two of their brands that are very similar in the toothpaste world. The first one is Crest. And then we'll also take a quick peek at Oral B.

So with that, let's get started. And we're going to talk today about consumer behavior insights and just how complex the world has gotten for marketers. They now need to understand the customer journey more than ever and get customer journey maps and templates to understand where to focus.

So let's dive in. We can run these consumer behavior maps on anything at all. Today we're talking about toothpaste, but you could run this on toothpaste, best toothpaste, oral hygiene products, teeth whitening, or anything at all really.

So let's dive right in and looking at Crest. When we run a consumer behavior map on the phrase toothpaste, we know in less than 15 minutes the 28,000 websites that we should focus on. This comes in handy for back-linking strategy, for SEO, and also display placement opportunities. We also know the 8,371 most powerful videos are ranked in order that people watch so we know what kind of videos, we should be creating.

We know the 1,233 questions that people are asking in and around the ecosystem of toothpaste. All of these are ranked in order of the most powerful, and their importance and alignment to what people are asking.

And finally, we also know the 1,458 keywords that people are searching for.

This takes all the guesswork out of marketing so I can just get right into focusing on what matters the most.

So first of all, I was shocked to see. I personally like crest. I use crest. I have it in my my house right now. But I was shocked to see that Colgate is outperforming Crest and oral B, but almost a factor of two X. So let's dive in and see why that is.

Right off the bat, I can see that Crest has 34% market share when it comes to the most powerful questions being asked - meaning they only show up or rank for a third of the most powerful questions that are being asked by the target market right now.

So let's just look at the top 20. By the way, I can download these and see them all at once, but let's just for today's practice look at the most important things that are popping up. Well, people want to know what the ingredients of toothpaste are and the most important ingredients.

We're seeing a lot around tooth whitening, "what toothpaste is made of," "ingredients whitening," "should I avoid fluoride or not?"

Various themes start to pop up and then I can look at where I rank on these most important questions.

Where do I rank organically? How's my SEO? Am I writing the right content? Am I bidding on the right words? 

But I can see immediately here that Colgate is ranking for about 15 of the top 20 most powerful questions on the first page.

And my brand Crest - I'm only ranking for two of the top 20. So I immediately want to get my team to start fixing that.

The next thing will show you real quick is, we went ahead and combined all of this data for the most powerful questions and the most powerful keywords into one spot.

And this is what becomes quite amazing. Again, this is the ecosystem just around toothpaste. I can see immediately that Colgate, if I scroll all the way down here, is ranking on the first page for 500 out of the top 2000 most powerful questions and keywords being searched by my target audience.

Colgate is ranking on the first page for 500 out of 2000 I can then look within these most powerful phrases where I'm ranking.

So this is Colgate ranking on the first page for the top 500. And here's my brand Crest - and I'm ranking on the second and third page.

This is awesome. Here, "does sensitive toothpaste really work." This is awesome. I'm ranking on the first page for these.

This immediately gives a roadmap for my team. So whether my team is creating content for the organic piece, the SEO piece, or my paid search team, I immediately want to put this data in front of them so they can start taking market share back from Colgate - so I can win in the marketplace.

What we thought was interesting, is if we move over and look at Oral B, we're going to look at oral hygiene products.

What's interesting here to see as it again Colgate is beating Oral B by almost two x.

We can now see when it comes to all hygiene products. There are 37,000 websites that I should focus on. The same thing with the videos. The same thing with the questions being asked and the same thing with keywords.

So again, I can scroll down and see that I have about a third market share when it comes to "oral hygiene."

But I can see my best organic ranking for the top, most powerful, aligned, and relevant questions to my target market and I can see how I compare to Colgate my biggest competitor. Again, we can consolidate this data under "oral hygiene" and look at how I compare against Colgate for the most powerful questions and keywords in a consolidated fashion. This gives me a roadmap for exactly how I should attack the marketplace.

So if you like this data, let us know. If it's not relevant to you and you want to see another industry or other topic or another brand. Whatever it may be, just reach out to us, let us know. And we're going to be sharing lots and lots of very interesting stories and and how we can help marketers cut through the noise, eliminate guesswork, and have much better performance.

Until next time, this is Toph from Consumer Central.

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